TrialX and CenterWatch launch strategic partnership. Another step forward in the TrialX ecosystem!

Today marked the culmination of the hard work put in by both the CenterWatch and TrialX teams. The integration between the two companies went live today at 10 am ET, along with a nationwide press release. It is a key strategic partnership for us that marks another instrumental milestone in the history of our company. We are one step closer to creating an ecosystem where participants and investigators can find and communicate with each other effortlessly.

CenterWatch and TrialX will jointly market our online patient recruitment solutions to CenterWatch consumers, including patients looking for clinical trials and trial investigators. In addition to utilizing CenterWatch’s vast array of clinical trial services, their investigators will now be able to recruit participants for clinical trials using TrialX. You can read more about our services here. You can also find TrialX’s services listed on CenterWatch under Investigator Sources.

We have absolutely loved working with CenterWatch, not only are they experts in this space, but more importantly, they are wonderful people, easy to work with and looking to get things done. Those are the kind of partnerships we love and we are ever so pumped to be partnering with them!

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