Henrietta Release of iConnect Brings in Exciting Features!

Henrietta Release of iConnect Brings in Exciting Features!

We are excited as another major release of Henrietta, version 4.2  of iConnect on CenterWatch  goes on the floor. This version is another one of our bigger releases after Jeryl and includes a lot of exciting features in terms of creating study websites, different types of pre screeners, support role based authentications and so on

This release is dedicated to Henrietta Lacks – an African-American woman, whose cancer cells are the source of the HeLa cell line, the first immortalized human cell line. These HeLa cell- lines continue to be a source of invaluable medical data to the present day.  iConnect will continue to recognize the warriors of biomedical research in its upcoming releases. 

We have added the ability where study teams can create a single page or multi-page study websites in multiple languages for a trial using the study website builder. The study websites can be created using the existing templates wherein each section of the website can be added or removed using different blocks in the website builder mode. This also includes configuration of font-family, font styling, text color, background color, themes etc.

The study teams can create site and patient pre screeners using the new prescreener builder. We have introduced a third type of prescreener i.e call center prescreener, wherein a user with Call center agent user role can prescreen the patients over a phone call, find a site and send a referral for a study. Creating the Prescreeners was already an existing functionality but it was not user friendly, and was not API based. Prescreener Builder api is developed using GraphQL API. There is a single endpoint for this api and the different functionalities are achieved by different functions in the same endpoint.

With the introduction of new “Authentication modal”, we are also supporting role based authentication for users to login to their tenant. A user can have multiple roles but a role can have only one authentication for a tenant. The different types of authentication methods supported in iConnect are:

  • iConnect Auth
  • SSO Login
  • Exostar

The visual design and styling of the entire side of iConnect dashboard has also been updated. With the introduction of virtual waiting room, we have now the ability to determine the patients as potentially eligible for future if they become ineligible initially for the studies.

About iConnect

TrialX iConnect is a clinical trial search and patient recruitment solution for large academic medical centers, pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs. iConnect enables patients to search for relevant clinical trials matching their disease or condition and then connect them with the research investigator conducting the clinical trial.

Rumaya Rashid

Rumaya works as a Business Analyst at Applied Informatics/TrialX. Her work comprises of working on the product requirements, doing the wireframes, documentation. She works as a BA for iConnect team.

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