Rett Syndrome Clinical Trial Finder

Rett Syndrome Clinical Trial Finder is LIVE!

CenterWatch iConnect’s clinical trial finder is now live on Rett The trial finder called myRett Trial Finder is part of a larger initiative called Rett Research Ready™ – an online platform that includes education, resources and support to help families consider volunteering for research studies. One of the important aspects of the program is the clinical trial finder powered by CenterWatch iConnect. This trial finder will help families search for clinical trials specific to Rett syndrome, and connect directly with investigators to discuss participation in a trial. 

Rett syndrome is a rare genetic neurological disorder that affects 1 in 10,000 females (and even more rarely males). Children with Rett syndrome often begin missing milestones or regressing around 6 – 18 months, leading to severe impairments in speech, movement, eating and breathing. Mutations on the X chromosome on a gene called MECP2 cause Rett syndrome. No treatments exist for those with Rett syndrome, but the number of research studies and clinical trials to understand the condition and develop therapies is growing. 

About CenterWatch iConnect’s Trial Finder Tool:  

CenterWatch iConnect’s Trial Finder  is a clinical trials finder widget that lets patients, caregivers or anybody looking for clinical trials find the relevant trials near them and connect with investigators at a click of a button. 

The tool has several innovative features that sets it apart from other trial search systems. The core of the trial finder tool uses an entropy based algorithm that accurately matches relevant clinical trials at a fraction of a second. It ranks it’s clinical trial matches against the answers provided by the user based on three preference criteria – i) distance from the user’s location, ii) treatment, risk or popularity and iii) recency of the trial. 

By taking the user through a step-by-step question and answering process the trial search tool narrows down the clinical trial matches to the most relevant ones for the user. For experts and advanced searchers, it makes it super easy to find trials using any combination of keywords or other parameters including the NCT number provided by

Users can also directly connect with researchers in real time using the trial finder’s phone network or email feature.

The widget also allows for patients to sign up as volunteers for studies and contribute toward research.