Putting Clinical Trials Search in Your Hands (literally), with an iPhone app!

02 Aug

Putting Clinical Trials Search in Your Hands (literally), with an iPhone app!

by TrialX Editor

For the past few weeks we have been actively working on a cool new iPhone application that will empower health consumers, patients and doctors to find clinical trials anywhere, anytime. We have always been focused on putting useful technology in the hands of our users. But, this time, doing so literally! It has been an exciting time and our team could not be more thrilled to see days and nights of active discussions, app naming sessions (e.g., a candidate name was Dr. Tapp – the TrialX App) and hacking the iPhone SDK (go KG!) slowly coming to fruition.

The first version of this application will be targeted to doctors and patients. Using the App, doctors can search for a clinical trial that matches their patient’s condition (say, shown in the comic strip below) and email the results to the patients right away. They can filter clinical trials by geography, medical condition, treatment or the institution conducting the trial besides other parameters. The search results are automatically filtered to show the trials nearest to the users current location (the power of the iPhone, GPS!).

Similarly, patients and/or their family members can use the App search for clinical trials effortlessly and email the trial investigators right from their phone. A video demo and more details about the new application are available at TrialX Mobile. And we would love to get your suggestions and feedback.

Future version of the App will have several enhanced features. For instance, users will be able to save and retrieve their search results, automatically synchronize their TrialX.com account with their iPhone application and also use the App on an Android or Blackberry.

We will be launching the APP this month but before that happens, we want to hear from you. We welcome all ideas and suggestions (you can leave comments below, email at info@trialx.com or tweet us @trialx) so that we can make our application better suited for you!

TrialX Editor
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