Author: TrialX Editor

22 Oct

Clinical Trials API, Real-time Analytics and AJAX Widget

Web is becoming real-time. Websites are opening up firehoses of real-time data streams that are gobbled up by widgets and Waves. Some call it the Web 3.0. At TrialX, we've been working towards creating a similar momentum in the clinical research space - the Clinical...

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10 Feb

We want to hear from You!

We love to hear from our users. We value their feedback and suggestions. Over the last few months, we've been fortunate to have a few "power users" both as participant and investigators who routinely email us about some minor software problems, suggesting excellent new features...

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23 Jan

Change comes to TrialX

Inspired by the sweeping changes made by the new administration, we've been making our own set of changes to TrialX. The first and the most obvious is the new design. At TrialX, we use the following design philosophy:What does the user need?Can she get to...

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20 Jan

Why you should control and manage your own health records…

I came across this recent blog post by Peter Neupert, Corporate VP for the Health Solutions Group at MSFT, and something very obvious yet interesting caught my attention - "Individuals should be encouraged to create and manage their health data asset and to learn how...

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24 Nov

My first blog at TrialX

Wow, this is indeed a huge step for me personally. I have been working on TrialX with my partners for a few months now, and always thought of keeping everyone updated through the TrialX blog, but never got around to writing one. So here's to...

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