Clinical Trials API, Real-time Analytics and AJAX Widget

Web is becoming real-time. Websites are opening up firehoses of real-time data streams that are gobbled up by widgets and Waves. Some call it the Web 3.0. At TrialX, we’ve been working towards creating a similar momentum in the clinical research space – the Clinical Trials 3.0 – the goal is to capture and share data in real-time that can enable innovative, collaborative medical research such as flu trends and post-market drug surveillance, of course, while respecting the user privacy.

Towards this goal, we are opening up a real-time clinical trials feed through an API and a new AJAX based Widget. The API unleashes the full power of TrialX’s clinical trial matching technology to power your website. We’ll do the hard work of maintaining the updated and most comprehensive list of clinical trials. The API is based on a RESTful architecture to enable quick and easy integration with your site or app regardless of the underlying programming environment. And this all comes with a Google Analytics style real-time tracking dashboard (see below).

The dashboard provides real-time statistics on:

  1. Impressions: The number of times the embedded widget was displayed to a user on your website
  2. Visits: The number of visitors from your website who ended up on TrialX.
  3. Sign Ups: The number of visitors from your website who signed up on TrialX. We flag these users as originating from your site.
  4. Messages/Referrals: The number of total investigator contacts made by the flagged user.

We had released the first version of TrialX widget awhile ago that is now being actively used at places like here, here, here and here. After the initial iteration, we received several suggestions from you (Thank You!) and we’ve made the changes accordingly. First and foremost, we’ve revamped the widget using AJAX technology. What that means is that the widget would load ‘asynchronously’ and faster. Next, the widget now allows you to set any width or height to fit on your website’s real-estate. And finally, you can now customize the fields (Age, Gender, Location) that you wish to add or remove from your version of the widget.

This is a small but important step for us towards creating the global online ecosystem to facilitate medical research using new Web technologies. We are excited to be at the innovative leader in this space and we look forward to your feedback and support to improve our services.