My first blog at TrialX

Wow, this is indeed a huge step for me personally. I have been working on TrialX with my partners for a few months now, and always thought of keeping everyone updated through the TrialX blog, but never got around to writing one. So here’s to a new and dedicated beginning!

During such turbulent times in the US economy, it is difficult to keep focus on one’s goals and not think about it. Surprisingly enough, the turmoil hasn’t really effected our determination and we continue to move forward at breakneck speed. Having said that, we do expect indirect effects and so we are bracing ourselves accordingly. It sure is going to be a long long winter.

There is a lot to be done in pretty much every area you can imagine – technology, services, business development, finance etc. etc. Expectedly so, our team has been burning the midnight oil everyday trying to maximize every minute of our lives. Although we’ve been in existence only for a few months, I am already starting to look back and reflect on the evolution of TrialX. It has been an amazing start to a journey that is becoming even more exciting and challenging everyday. We’ve spent countless of hours brainstorming ideas, avenues, opportunities and what not, and slowly we are seeing things come together.

There’s much to write about, but I’ll keep the introductory note short, lest I bore you too soon :). In the following posts I’ll take you back in time to our beginnings and how we reached here and more on our vision, my view of the industry and of course, a little bit about me, so that you know you’re not just wasting time reading this blog :).

– Gazza