Change comes to TrialX

Inspired by the sweeping changes made by the new administration, we’ve been making our own set of changes to TrialX. The first and the most obvious is the new design. At TrialX, we use the following design philosophy:

  1. What does the user need?
  2. Can she get to it?

Yes, thats it. We don’t go about the conventional way of bringing in cadre of experts in product-design, web-design, CSS development etc. Consider for example, the menu bar you see at the top, we keep the Help link and the Home link consistently at same location on your screen regardless of whether you are signed into your account.

Here are the snapshots of the old and the new home page.



Of course the matching results page interface is the same. Our users absolutely love it. We’d never change that. Nevertheless, a new design often causes confusion and dissent among the existing users, so please let us know if have a suggestion or if something annoys you.

With all these new developments, our single-most clear vision is to enable our users find new treatments and clinical trials effortlessly. Stay tuned for the announcements on exciting new features!