We want to hear from You!

We love to hear from our users. We value their feedback and suggestions. Over the last few months, we’ve been fortunate to have a few “power users” both as participant and investigators who routinely email us about some minor software problems, suggesting excellent new features or nice-to-haves. We take customer-service very seriously and respond often in matter of hours or within a day. We realized that it is painful for a user to go to the contact page then copy the email and then compose an email from their client to talk to us. We wanted to simply this process.  Hence, we thought about creating a link that will take user to the feedback form page, which is the standard way to collect feedback on most websites. But then lets say a user is on a trial info page or logged into My Account, then goes to feedback form page then submits the feedback and gets a confirmation – by this time the user has distance of 2 pages from the original context. This is inefficient navigation. We wanted to cut this down. We discovered this widget from GetStatisfaction.com that adds a “Feedback” tab on each of the website pages, which when clicked creates an overlay (see the image below) for adding feedback  and once the user submits the feedback, it can be closed and user can get back to what she was doing. 

The neat thing about GetStatisfaction is that it stores the all ideas, questions, problems and praises publicly on a dedicated TrialX Customer Service page. This is extremely useful if there is already an existing answer to some question that a new user might have. 
So go ahead, click the blue button and TELL US what do you think?