Maintain Research Continuity During the Pandemic with Appbakery

Maintain Research Continuity During the Pandemic with Appbakery

The Appbakery team has been working hard through the pandemic to release its new version with improved capabilities and smoother user experience. The one thing the pandemic taught us is to remain connected always. So as we take on the challenge of tackling covid together, here are the new features for your own DIY app making platform – Appbakery V 2.5. 

Share your Data

As the pandemic has put the world on stand still, we have figured a way out for you to Share your Data with your caregiver or your medical team at the click of a button and plan for improved management of your condition. 

Now you can download your data about filled Surveys and Active Tasks and analyze the responses you have given from time to time. The users of PCOS Tracker – a PCOS symptoms tracking app built using the Appbakery platform are using this feature to track and share their data with peers/health advisors.


Once you have filled your surveys and Active tasks, you can not only view all the Survey questions along with responses anytime but also share the data with anyone you want. 

Our new Share feature lets you share your data with your caregivers which allows them to better understand your symptoms, medication, and physical activities (including data from wearables like Fitbit). 

Modes of Sharing Data

You can share your data through a signed URL (Expiring link) using whatsapp, SMS or other modes supported by your phone. This has added an extra layer of protection to your data enabling the recipient to use it within a predefined time frame only.

How to access?

These features are live and available to all App users.

Timeline View

This feature allows you to have an organized view of your filled, pending and missed data (Since you have joined the Survey) in the reverse chronological order. This will be particularly useful when you have huge data to search from as the timeline relates dates to Surveys and Active tasks in time. Selecting any entry in Timeline will allow you to open a detailed list of that entry containing Survey questions along with their responses. It also shows a list of pending surveys/Active Tasks for the current date  with a link to the Track screen where you will fill the pending surveys/Active Tasks.

Graphs and Charts

Understanding the increasing demand of “Graphs and charts” features, we have enhanced it to improve the user experience. This feature allows you to see your journey on the App diagrammatically. Not only this,we have got our graphs and charts section animated for giving our users rich and smoother experience with our Apps.


Want to know what you have missed?

With our new rolled out calendar feature, you can keep track of all the activities you have completed and missed. We will help you with tracking your monthly progress in completing the activities. 


Calendar feature lets you view the status of your day to day activities on the App. For example, you can click on any day of the month to check which surveys/Active tasks you have filled or missed on that day. You can also see the filled responses to the questions of those surveys. You can also monitor your progress with our Task completion rate progress bar which shows you the monthly percentage of the total events you completed so far.

Offline Data Collection 

Even at the times of no internet connectivity, you can use our apps for collecting your data. Now you don’t have to worry about the internet outage because our Apps will sync your offline filled data automatically (Surveys and Active Tasks) whenever the internet connection is up again. 


This feature will be particularly useful at the times of natural calamities, internet breakdown or when you are out on a vacation where the internet is unavailable. We have tried to make sure you don’t miss on anything because of the internet dependency. Download the App and make sure you don’t miss on this feature.

Take the first step and make an app to collect data for your research study and maintain research continuity during these pandemic times.

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