02 Jul

Death rates HIV patients = non-patients

A study published today in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) found that"People with HIV in the developed world are no more likely to die in the first five years following infection than men and women in the general population"This is a significant finding...

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19 Jun

Highest standards of Information Security

So we've been busy past few days ensuring that Trialx meets the highest levels of standards in information security. We are deeply concerned about the privacy and safety of your information. We do not want any malicious person or website stealing or misusing your information....

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12 Jun

A 100% match

From our discussions with other physicians, we have come to realize that it is very critical to achieve high specificity in the results - by that it means not to show a trial as matching trial even if it seems slightly relevant. We have been...

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04 Jun


The X in the TrialX has to look like Rx with x being subscript. The problem is that 'l' cannot be made into italics to merge with X. So I ended up using Lucida Calligraphy font for X and Utopia Italic for 'Trial' and it seems...

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30 May

First Post

Ok its 3:04AM EST and probably not the best time to write something profound. I just want to say "buckle up dorothy" this is gonna be a fun ride! ...

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