23 Jan

Change comes to TrialX

Inspired by the sweeping changes made by the new administration, we've been making our own set of changes to TrialX. The first and the most obvious is the new design. At TrialX, we use the following design philosophy:What does the user need?Can she get to...

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20 Jan

Why you should control and manage your own health records…

I came across this recent blog post by Peter Neupert, Corporate VP for the Health Solutions Group at MSFT, and something very obvious yet interesting caught my attention - "Individuals should be encouraged to create and manage their health data asset and to learn how...

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09 Jan

Launching the Investigator Signup

We just completed the investigator sign-up process! Now any investigator or trial coordinator can signup on TrialX in less than a few minutes. Registration for investigators was an in-direct process earlier; it was based on an invitition to join for those investigators (or contacts) listed...

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04 Jan

We thank you for making 2008 a great starting year.

Its been a hectic but exciting past few months at TrialX. We have worked on improving our services, grown in our user base, completed integration with Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault, developed a widget and are looking to many more exciting developments in the...

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11 Dec

Enabling patients find new treatments anywhere

We just launched the TrialX "Find New Treatments" Widget. The widget displays the exact number of currently active trials for a particular disease condition and allows the user to filter them by the state they live in. A widget for finding Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials...

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