11 Dec

Enabling patients find new treatments anywhere

We just launched the TrialX "Find New Treatments" Widget. The widget displays the exact number of currently active trials for a particular disease condition and allows the user to filter them by the state they live in. A widget for finding Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials...

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07 Dec

Focusing on usability, user-experience and trust

Things have been hectic, but as always exciting in the last few weeks. The site has come a long way since then. Among the readily visible changes are the much neater home page, a site tour and a much faster Google suggest like drop down...

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24 Nov

My first blog at TrialX

Wow, this is indeed a huge step for me personally. I have been working on TrialX with my partners for a few months now, and always thought of keeping everyone updated through the TrialX blog, but never got around to writing one. So here's to...

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24 Aug

We are finally live on Microsoft Health Vault

Its been an intense few weeks of coding,  brainstorming and business strategy development at Trialx.org. But its all paying off. Trialx.org has been accepted as an official application on the Microsoft Health Vault platform! And we are listed right on the front page.The MS team...

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