Cure Mania grips TrialX! Launching Cure Talk, Cure Bytes and Curepedia.

As the Superbowl mania grips the football fans across the country this weekend, we at TrialX have been gripped with the launch of new suite of tools to enable patients to learn about new cures and treatments. Clinical trials provide access to cutting-edge, potentially life-saving treatments, however the patients are often not aware about these treatments options. There are several resources on the web that provide information on existing drugs and therapies, however, there is not a single, comprehensive information resource for patients to learn about upcoming treatments in clinical trials. With this need in mind, we wanted to create an information resource for new treatments in clinical trials but we did not want to create yet-another-health-website with static list of web pages filled with medical jargon. People nowadays get their most of the information (and news!) from their friends on social networks, micro-blogs and blogs. So we decided to create 3 complimentary information resources: Cure Talk, Cure Bytes and Curepedia that combine all the elements of opinionated/social knowledge, real-time information, and referential/authoritative knowledge.

About new cures, treatments and healthier you.

Information for your well-being in 560 bytes (140 characters) or less

                  A wiki of New Treatments

These tools are currently in early-beta and we’ll be sending out invites over new few weeks to the TrialX patient and investigator community to contribute to these resources and provide us feedback. Let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.