CureTalks Launches New Talk Series on Contribution of Small Biotech Companies Towards Drug Development of Orphan Diseases

19 Oct

CureTalks Launches New Talk Series on Contribution of Small Biotech Companies Towards Drug Development of Orphan Diseases

by Priya Menon

CureTalks launches its new series featuring biotech companies at the cutting edge of innovation and breakthrough research with the purpose of bringing their contributions to the fore and informing the patient community. This talk series will be hosted by Gary Petersen, our Myeloma talk cohost, panel member and editor of The talk series titled CureTalks with Gary, will discuss the drug development process, the journeys of the companies that are featured and their drug pipeline. 

We kickstarted the series with Cellectar, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development of drugs for the treatment of cancer. Cellectar, has a targeted universal drug conjugate with a potential to be used for many cancers. This drug conjugate, CLR131 was granted Orphan Drug designation for the treatment of multiple myeloma by both the U.S. and the European Commission and is currently being evaluated in a Phase 2 and Phase 1 studies. The drug conjugate works by delivering a radioactive, toxic compound directly to tumor cells, while limiting exposure to healthy cells.

Gary Petersen talked to James Caruso, CEO and Jarrod Longcor of Cellectar Biosciences about product development, clinical trials, special challenges of a small biotech in the current investment environment and some of the innovative products in the pipeline. 

Check out the discussion here:

We are very excited and looking forward to featuring drug development stories and journeys of the small biotech companies. On our next episode of CureTalks with Gary, we are talking to SELLAS Life Sciences.

Stay Tuned!

Priya Menon
Priya Menon

Priya is Scientific Media Editor at Applied Informatics/TrialX. She hosts and manages CureTalks, an internet radio talk show on healthcare which brings together experts and people on the same platform engaging in ‘Discussions for Solutions’. She holds masters in Microbiology, degrees in Patent Law, Media Law, and certifications in Writing in Sciences from Stanford University, Content and Marketing from Hubspot Academy and HR Management from IIM Bangalore, India. She has extensive writing experience with a focus on cancer research, nutrition, and alternative therapies and presents a varied view on healthcare and associated domains. She is also a guest columnist at The Week.

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