Launching the Investigator Signup

We just completed the investigator sign-up process! Now any investigator or trial coordinator can signup on TrialX in less than a few minutes. Registration for investigators was an in-direct process earlier; it was based on an invitition to join for those investigators (or contacts) listed on

Once you signup, you are sent a welcome email with an activation link (so that we can validate your email). But you are still directed to your dashboard, “my trials” and “my messages” pages.

Using the “My Trials” tab you can add your clinical trials. There are two way to do so – one, by simply specifying the trial identifier (your email that you use to register on TrialX must be listed for that trial). If you are not listed for a trial or want to add a trial that is not listed in our database, you can add a trial manually. The Trial submission form contains all the details that you may want to add. Upon submission you will be asked to submit a copy of the IRB (a page mentioning the trial and your name will suffice). We take patient privacy and information accuracy seriously (more on that in a few days), and hence have to ensure that only valid investigators who have the permission to do a particular trial are registered on TrialX.

Once you add a trial in your TrialX account, you can begin to receive contact emails from participants who match your trial criteria through our internal messaging system. You can check these contact emails under your “My Messages” tab and use the messaging system to reply to the participants.

Come join the next generation of participant to clinical trial investigator contact service. We would love to get your feedback.