Today is the World AIDS Day. Support the fight…

We’ve come a long way in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Once a deadly terminal disease, AIDS is now categorized as a chronic disease. Thanks to the development of new treatments such as the anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) that have helped bring down the death rates dramatically. However, the fight is still far from over – In 2008, about 2.7 million people, including 430,000 children, were newly diagnosed with HIV and total twenty-five million have died since HIV/AIDS was identified in 1981.

To completely eradicate this disease, researchers are working tirelessly towards an HIV vaccine. You can help in the development of the vaccine by participating in a clinical study. Below are a few clinical studies listed on TrialX:

You can follow the directions on the trial page to identify the research site nearest to you and contact the investigator of the trial. Our goal at TrialX is to make the process of finding the right trial and contacting the investigator quick and painless.

Companies today are showing their support to the fight against AIDS. At TrialX, we are showing our support with a red logo and red color theme through the day.