National Endometriosis Awareness Month – 5 simple ways to show your support

Endometriosis or Endo is a disorder causing severe pelvic pain and (associated with) in-fertility that affects about 5.5 million women in North America and 5-10% of women globally. It is caused when the lining of womb attaches itself to ovaries and other structures outside the womb. There is no cure for endometriosis but there a few promising treatments options available.

March is the National Endometriosis Awareness Month and lets do our part to help raise public awareness and support the efforts to find a cure for this disease

  1. Read about Diana Wallis’s mission to raise the awareness. Diana is a survivor and a real hero decidated to the sole mission of raising awareness of Endo. She is a VP of European Parliament. She also writes a blog about her daily efforts to prepare herself for the London Marathon on April 26th.
  2. Artists for Endometriosis Event for fundraising and awareness on March 7 2009. Add their FaceBook App.
  3. If you are patient, there are several local support groups across the world that you can join.
  4. On TrialX, we provide a listing of on-going endometriosis treatment clinical trials in the US and Canada. If you run a blog or website, show your support for Endometriosis by embedding this small widget.

  5. We know you love Google but use this link for web search (and bookmark it!). They donate to Endometriosis Association every time you make a search on their site.

Lets just not stop after this March but continue each month by month and day by day to raise awareness and help find a cure for endometriosis.