We thank you for making 2008 a great starting year.

Its been a hectic but exciting past few months at TrialX. We have worked on improving our services, grown in our user base, completed integration with Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault, developed a widget and are looking to many more exciting developments in the 2009.

We cannot thank our users, friends and family enough. We thank our users for taking the time and effort to checkout or use our service. Tools that empower patients/health consumers and enable them to utilize their personal health records more effectively are still in a nascent stage but the response from the early adopters has been tremendous and very motivating. Every time a potential trial participant searches for trials on TrialX, finds personalized matches and contacts the investigator, is excitement enough for us to work harder to make this work seamlessly, elegantly and securely. We hope in 2009 many thousands of potential participants can reach out to clinical trial investigators directly to know more and be recruited in clinical trials that could save their lives and further science.

We thank our friends and family to encourage us to pursue what we belief in passionately, despite the odds (and the troubled economy). And we thank those you have believed in our concept and blogged about it and those you have given us valuable feedback

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. And we will continue to work hard and play our part in empowering consumers to adopt new generation of PHR and PHR based technologies.