TrialX Accelerates Patient Recruitment With New Tools in iConnect

The iConnect team at TrialX has released Version 5 of the iConnect Patient Recruitment Management System and the impact is already apparent. The new automated volunteer outreach feature in iConnect V5 provides rapid connections to iConnect volunteers. 

Researchers and recruiters say the new feature is a significant enhancement that will help accelerate recruitment.

One such user is Eleanor Ghanbari, a research manager at the University of Pennsylvania. Her team has already experienced the benefits of iConnect V5, and she encourages her colleagues to use iConnect’s latest recruitment tools: “Using the volunteer registry feature on iConnect was simple, effective, and valuable for reaching our recruitment target. From a coordinator’s perspective, you can quickly reach individuals likely to meet your study criteria from a pool of individuals who are motivated and interested in clinical research. In our study’s experience, we received around 30 referrals from our volunteer outreach, with a much higher enrollment rate from this population compared to other advertising methods. I highly recommend this feature for improving your recruitment efforts!”

It is exciting for us at TrialX to see iConnectors leverage our innovations. At TrialX we measure our success by how well our technology improves performance for researchers and enterprise clients. With iConnect V5 we’re already off to a good start.