How Capoeira Inspires TrialX’s Business Development

19 Oct

How Capoeira Inspires TrialX’s Business Development

by admin

Capoeira is my inspiration for business development in the healthcare industry, and particularly in the clinical trials ecosystem.

To those of you who are not familiar with capoeira take a look at this magnificent video:

Capoeira is about playing with your partner and not against an opponent. Basically, Collaboration!!. The goal of the two fighters (or players) is to get the best performance from the other fighter. They do so by challenging and supporting the other players movement. The Joga bonito (the beautiful game) counts.

Capoeira holds elements that are vital for startups:

  • Listen to the rhythm of the Berinbau (the leading instrument which sets the tone). Understand the culture and rhythm of the business.
  • Measure your opponent – whether it is a collaborator or a competitor, estimate its capabilities and adjust to them.
  • Read your opponent and maintain eye contact – eye contact will keep you relevant. Otherwise, you are out of the game. Be agile to the changes and moves your opponent does and will do.

For the full post go to CureTalk post – Capoeira and Business development

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