Enabling patients find new treatments anywhere

We just launched the TrialX “Find New Treatments” Widget. The widget displays the exact number of currently active trials for a particular disease condition and allows the user to filter them by the state they live in. A widget for finding Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials is embedded below.

The Widget is customizable; you can chose to limit the results of matching trials to one condition (e.g., breast cancer) or allow people to search for trials for any condition. You can even change the widget alignment and next chose any of the 5 exciting colors. Thats is in 3 steps you the widget ready. Just copy the code and paste in your blog (as below) or your site.

We can all do you our bit to spread awareness of clinical trials and help those who are desperately searching for life saving treatments that are offered in many clinical trials. All it takes is 3 easy steps to customize the widget and put it on any webpage!