19 Oct

How Capoeira Inspires TrialX’s Business Development

Capoeira is my inspiration for business development in the healthcare industry, and particularly in the clinical trials ecosystem. To those of you who are not familiar with capoeira take a look at this magnificent video: Capoeira is about playing with your partner and not against...

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24 Aug

Revamped UI, Treatment Search and Doctor Search

Past few months, we've been hard at work re-designing the TrialX.com user interface to improve the user experience and creating the best clinical trials search engine for patients and their family members.  We went through a number of design iterations and informal usability tests to...

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04 Jan

We thank you for making 2008 a great starting year.

Its been a hectic but exciting past few months at TrialX. We have worked on improving our services, grown in our user base, completed integration with Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault, developed a widget and are looking to many more exciting developments in the...

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24 Nov

My first blog at TrialX

Wow, this is indeed a huge step for me personally. I have been working on TrialX with my partners for a few months now, and always thought of keeping everyone updated through the TrialX blog, but never got around to writing one. So here's to...

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04 Jun


The X in the TrialX has to look like Rx with x being subscript. The problem is that 'l' cannot be made into italics to merge with X. So I ended up using Lucida Calligraphy font for X and Utopia Italic for 'Trial' and it seems...

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