What to look forward to at ACRP 2017? – Patient Recruitment, mHealth, and Patient-Centric Trials


Seattle, Washington, is going to bustle with the top minds in clinical research and clinical trials arena at the ACRP 2017 expo & meet, the coming weekend on April 28 until May 2, 2017.

The association of clinical research professionals (ACRP) is an education and networking event for all those involved in clinical trial and research operations. This conference is going to be the hubspot of all the latest developments in the field of patient recruitment in clinical trials, patient-centricity, mobile in clinical research, current clinical research regulations by the FDA and more.

TrialX is not attending, but we are excited and will be following the conference virtually via twitter #ACRP2017. We look forward to all the informative tweets from the attendees.

The attendees will be interacting with FDA officials like Douglas Pham, Jan Hewett, Sean Kassim and David Burrow to get their questions answered on the use of econsent, electronic records, and esource data and about ways to improve the efficiency of their trials in an informed and ethical manner.  



#mHealth and #ResearchKit apps are going to be an important part of this conference. Since the launch of Apples’s ResearchKit, investigators have increasingly shown interest in the idea of using an app to collect data for their clinical studies. A panel consisting of leaders from Yale University, Medidata Solutions, NIH and Roche will discuss the challenges of and solutions to using mobile technologies in clinical trials


It will be interesting to get great insights from David Vulcano’s talk on healthcare laws, regulations, policies and trends and how they are affecting clinical trials ecosystem and research operations. Amanda Alonso, clinical research manager from Columbia University, Elisa Cascade from DrugDev, and Robin Douglas from Quintiles will also be speaking at the conference about the state of the clinical trials industry and about various aspects of launching and running clinical trials efficiently. 


Since social media has become an indispensable tool in advertisement and recruitment in clinical trials, there will be practical talks on use of social media in clinical trials recruitment and patient advocacy by Christina Talley, Program Director Houston Methodist Research Institute and by Jerome Chiaro, VP of Clinical Site Operations & Matt Miller, VP Global Patient Recruitment & Feasibility, StudyKIK. Christina Talley will highlight the negative effects of social media on subject safety and research integrity that we should be aware of.


We look forward to the signature series session by Dr. Keith Eaton, a medical oncologist who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012, who participated in CAR T-Cell therapy clinical trial that reduced his cancer to undetectable levels. Dr. Eaton’s story is a live example to show the importance of patient participation in clinical research, and provides insight into clinical trials from both the researcher and the patient perspectives.


The conference will also showcase an exhibition of latest products and service offerings in the clinical research enterprise in the ACRP 2017 Expo Hall, where, more than 100 industry-leading companies and organizations will be showcasing innovative products, services, and solutions of the sorts of Patient Recruitment Services, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), IRB services, CRO Services and more.


Some great networking events like CISCRP Medical Heroes 5k Run & Walk, Seattle Tours, and ACRP Movie Night are also on the schedule of this years ACRP conference.


Can’t wait to get some great insights on new developments in the world of clinical trials and research.