A 100% match

12 Jun

A 100% match

by TrialX Editor

From our discussions with other physicians, we have come to realize that it is very critical to achieve high specificity in the results – by that it means not to show a trial as matching trial even if it seems slightly relevant. We have been having discussions on whether showing a 100% match if the user has only entered on condition is appropriate? how about % of criteria that the entered condition matches?

Sure this will lower the match number significantly (and can potentially drive away some impatient users) but it will ensure that we are being highly specific (reducing false positives) and not unnecessarily raising hopes for a participant. We absolutely don’t want our users to take a print out and run down to their doctor downtown to learn that they did not meet an eligibility criteria.  
We are working hard on processing as much of your medical information that we get and matching it automatically so you that can simply “Print & Ask Your Doctor!”
TrialX Editor
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