#DIA2017 Annual Meeting Day1 – TrialX Booth #2513 was a busy one!

20 Jun

#DIA2017 Annual Meeting Day1 – TrialX Booth #2513 was a busy one!

by Shweta Mishra

TrialX team had an exhilarating day on day1 of #DIA2017. Our CEO Sharib Khan, CTO Chintan Patel, creative director Aziz Rawat, and VP Clinical Trial Solutions Robert Ryan spent the day presenting our #patientengagement #patientrecruitment and #clinicaltrial solutions to the attendees at booth number 2513.

This year, we showcased our new product – a mobile study app builder platform called AppBakery – at DIA2017, and were excited to see many great minds of the industry stop by and give it a try for themselves.

AppBakery – is a revolutionary digital health platform using which researchers can build their own mobile research study apps which can collect patient generated health data to study metrics like lifestyle, psychosocial behavior, fitness, nutrition, sleep and more. It is a simple web wizard which can allow investigators to design their app and get their study running in no time.


It was also exciting to see iConnect, our #patientrecruitment management platform being demoed by our awesome partners at WCG/Centerwatch! TrialX iConnect is specifically designed to facilitate patient-recruitment for academic medical centers, sponsors, and patient advocacy groups. iConnect allows investigators to improve online awareness of their trials, communicate with interested participants and monitor recruitment metrics.


Day 1 at DIA kickstarted with the CISCRP Medical Heroes Appreciation 5K Run and Walk to celebrate the study volunteers who participate in clinical research.

In addition, DIA had some very informative discussions to attend. The opening plenary session by Alexander Tsiaras bagged a full house. Alexander Tsiaras of StoryMD shared stories of empowered patients and the power of patient data to drive greater patient engagement.


Day 2 starts in just a few hours, and we are all the more excited to share our contribution to patient engagement in the clinical trials industry. We also have some great patient engagement sessions lined up to attend that DIA2017 is offering on 20th June, 2017.

Few from our list are:

We look forward to another dynamic and vibrant day at #DIA2017, and meet wonderful people at booth 2513.

Read Day2 and Day 3 highlights.

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