We are finally live on Microsoft Health Vault

Its been an intense few weeks of coding,  brainstorming and business strategy development at Trialx.org. But its all paying off. Trialx.org has been accepted as an official application on the Microsoft Health Vault platform! And we are listed right on the front page.

The MS team has been very happy with our development and responsiveness. They recently emailed us that Trialx.org was chosen for an internal quarterly review as the top 3 health vault partner application accounts! And have been impressed that we have completed the application requirements without any  

So now, as a health consumer, if you create an account on HealthVault, you can add Trialx as a application to automatically discover matching trials based on your health conditions. Go check it out. 
We have also developed a python library to get Trialx working with HealthVault. The code will allow your application to interact with HV over a secure connection. Check out the code here. 
We will be announcing other major partnerships and agreements shortly. And yes, the site is undergoing intense development to build the investigator pages!