TrialX 2016 Conference RoundUp – DIA, DPharm, AMIA



We started the year 2016 with the launch of our first cross-platform researchkit study app called America Walks in February 2016 to determine walking behavior of Americans.

researchkit study

This set the momentum for the rest of the year for us. We attended some great conferences and had the opportunity to learn, network, and discuss with informaticians, clinicians, scientists, researchers, educators and students.

DIA TrialX

We participated in the DIA 2016 conference in Philadelphia from June 26-30, exhibited and launched Trialspace – a clinical trial website builder for sponsors, CROs, patient recruitment agencies and investigators.

clinicaltrial site builder

Trialspace comes with a sophisticated patient referral and recruitment tracking engine that is easy to use and provides a 360 degree view of all recruitment activity.  

We followed this up with the Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials Conference in Boston in September. This was our first DPharm conference and we were very excited.

MobileClin2016 1

DPharm2016 1

In addition to TrialSpace demo we also participated in the Innovative Sources & Solutions panel focusing on innovation by companies to solve problems with clinical trials. #DPharm platform also saw us speaking on ‘No Phone or Patient Left Behind: The First Cross Platform ResearchKit Based Study’ in the Mobile in Clinical Trials Conference that preceded DPharm.

app bakery app builder


Next, TrialX participated and exhibited at AMIA 2016, the 40th anniversary of the annual symposia conducted by the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) in Chicago from Nov 13-15. We launched our new product and presented App Bakery: A DIY Platform to “Bake” Cross-platform Mobile Research Study Apps leveraging Apple’s ResearchKit and Consumer Wearables at the conference.  

AppBakery researchkit

App Bakery is a DIY platform to make your own ResearchKit app in minutes.

We are gearing up for another year where we can participate, contribute and continue to push the envelope of innovation.