Multipart Questions to Tackle the Complexities of Medical Research Surveys on Mobile Study Apps – New on Appbakery

Multipart Questions to Tackle the Complexities of Medical Research Surveys on Mobile Study Apps – New on Appbakery

Survey questionnaires are powerful tools used by researchers and physicians who seek to enhance the quality of care delivered or collect data from patients and trial participants. However, these surveys can get quite complex with branching questions and sub-questions.

Appbakery, our DIY app making platform for research studies, has tried to solve this very problem by introducing a system of parent and child questions so that the trail of questions and data collection is not broken and maintains continuity. This new question type adds on to seventeen other types of questions already supported by the Appbakery.

As we continue our journey to make research data collection via mobile study apps easier, we introduce two new features in the latest release of the Appbakery.

  • Multipart Questions
  • Graphical representation of data collected from scale type questions and questions where integers are input as answers

Multipart Question

Adding Multipart questions is easy. These questions are ideal for queries where you have a related question to the parent one originally asked. For example, if the study wants to track daily medications being taken by study participants, they can add medication name as a parent question and dosage and frequency of medication as the sub-questions on the same screen.

On the mobile app, both the parent and the sub-questions will be displayed on a single screen.

Multipart question UI on mobile

Line graphs in scale and integer type questions

We now support line graphs for questions that use a scale or numeric type answers. The answers are taken as data points to plot the linear graph as shown in the image. The graphs added will be displayed on the Insights screen in the mobile app.

Line graph UI on mobile

The graph displays user’s data (My summary) and the average of all users’ data (All users’ summary) for the selected time period.

These new features are now live and available in all Appbakery plans.

Restricted movement across the world due to COVID has made data collection tedious, and mobile research study apps may be the best way to keep collecting data remotely so that clinical trials and research studies can continue. 

Stay tuned as we keep updating on how Appbakery is enabling e-consent and data collection remotely.  

Ishrat Manzoor
Ishrat Manzoor

Ishrat Manzoor is a part of the QA team. Her work is highly varied and ranges from software testing and Usability testing to requirement gathering, project documentation, UX review, and wireframing/prototyping. She is highly motivated and enthusiastic to learn new things. At TrialX she is responsible for quality assurance of Appbakery.

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