Make your Clinical Trial Flyer! And other iConnect Updates

05 Apr

Make your Clinical Trial Flyer! And other iConnect Updates

by Priya Menon


iConnect team has had a very busy month with demos and enhancements. We bring you a quick look at what is new at iConnect which will be released in production in due course…


Make your Clinical Trial Flyer!


We talked about enhanced investigator dashboards last month. Well, iConnect now also provides the feature of  creating  flyers. These flyers can contain information  about a particular clinical trial. Investigators can click the flyer tab on their dashboard  to get access to the flyer section.


The flyer section will allow creation of new flyers. By clicking on ‘Create Flyer’ button, users can fill in information like flyer name, QR code. They also have the option to customize their flyer by selecting a theme (default / basic theme) from the drop down menu provided. After the form is validated the flyer gets created. This flyer can then be seen in the flyer section in the table.



In the flyer table, there are two buttons – preview and download flyer, along with the name of each created flyer. Investigator can preview created flyer by clicking on the preview button as well as download it in pdf format by clicking on the download button.


Generate Trial Reports




In our last iConnect update, we had talked about dashboard  which included many  functionalities for the investigators to use such as  view all the trials associated with him/her, add a new trial from the dashboard itself.   Going a step further, the investigator can now also generate a trial report from his dashboard and view number of total trials, number active trials, the number of referrals send to a trials.etc.


Dory Search Engine gets a makeover!


iConnect’s clinical trial search engine is getting a makeover. Dory is now easier to interact with user friendly design, easy to read font and a whole fresh new look.




Clinical trial finder, Dory helps find clinical trials through a series of question/answers. User can opt to perform preference based search or advanced search collectively called as Dory mode of searching. Dory guides user through a step by step process in which users can search for trials based in and around their location and connect up with  investigators / researchers where the relevant clinical study is conducted.




We will be back with more updates. Stay tuned!


Priya Menon
Priya Menon

Priya is Scientific Media Editor at Applied Informatics/TrialX. She hosts and manages CureTalks, an internet radio talk show on healthcare which brings together experts and people on the same platform engaging in ‘Discussions for Solutions’. She holds masters in Microbiology, degrees in Patent Law, Media Law, and certifications in Writing in Sciences from Stanford University, Content and Marketing from Hubspot Academy and HR Management from IIM Bangalore, India. She has extensive writing experience with a focus on cancer research, nutrition, and alternative therapies and presents a varied view on healthcare and associated domains. She is also a guest columnist at The Week.

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