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What our team says...

“I think that my work is going to help a lot of people to improve their health and hence live a happy life. So contributing in keeping people healthy and happy is the biggest motivation for me.”
Faisal Bhat
I enjoy working on complex problems and giving a simple yet scalable solution.
Syed Gufran
I like to build products that empower people and make their jobs/lives easier. I’ve always been motivated by creative projects, new challenges, solving problems, teamwork and being able to draw a connection between my efforts and the organization’s.
Mohd Talib
I am really excited that the apps I work on are being used by more than a million users .
Wahadat Jan
Creating something that can be used by millions will always fill me with a sense of accomplishment unmatched by others in my professional life.
Burhan Wani
Being part of developing an application which helps researchers to find cures for diseases which are not available.
Shahid Ayoub
Data! Data! Data! I Believe that "What gets measured, gets managed "
Aatirah Beigh


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