CenterWatch iConnect V3.11 Release – Integration with Exostar

In the latest release of V3.11, CenterWatch iConnect has been successfully integrated with Exostar – a key identity and SSO provider for large pharma companies and we are live with this feature on Pfizer. 
Integration with Exostar, involves subscribing a Site user (Investigators / Other site personnel) to the IDP Provider i.e Exostar. These Site users can be subscribed from the iConnect dashboard to Exostar based on the configuration of some account settings.

What is Exostar?

Exostar is an IDP (identity provider). Exostar’s Secure Access Manager (SAM) Platform is a portal used for account registration, authentication, and management. The authentication gateway provides access to applications and services hosted by Exostar.


The platform provides a way to support access to multiple applications with the help of Single Sign On (SSO).

Settings required to subscribe a Site user to Exostar:

In order to subscribe a Site user to the Exostar, the first and foremost requirement is that the account has to be SSO (Single Sign-On) enabled. In addition to this, there are a few more settings needed to make the account suitable to subscribe the users to Exostar where they will be able to access the iConnect application. As the Site users are subscribed, they receive an activation email that contains a link to start setting up their account. Once they set up their account they get to access the iConnect app in their dashboard in the Exostar.

Other Features in V3.11

The V3.11 has some additional features too. There is a new feature that displays all the account specific sites to the user under a tab called My Sites. These are the clinical research sites where the research/trials are conducted. This tab is permission based for other user roles but Account admin role has a default permission to view this tab.

About iConnect

TrialX iConnect is a clinical trial search and patient recruitment solution for large academic medical centers, pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs. iConnect enables patients to search for relevant clinical trials matching their disease or condition and then connect them with the research investigator conducting the clinical trial. 

Much before the release of V3.0, iConnect was a single tenant system. Accounts are called ‘Tenants’ in iConnect where one user could use only one account at a time. We achieved multi-tenant functionality in V3.0 which means a user can have multiple accounts within the same system with different roles and permissions; starting with Super Admin who has access to all functionalities and features, to account admins and study managers who can manage their own accounts to media managers and investigators.

Stay tuned for more updates from the iConnect Team!