TrialX CEO Turns Clinical Research Upside Down with Appbakery at #Dpharm2017 Day1 – #MobileClin2017

07 Sep

TrialX CEO Turns Clinical Research Upside Down with Appbakery at #Dpharm2017 Day1 – #MobileClin2017

by Shweta Mishra

Our CEO, Dr. Sharib Khan did the unimagined and gave true meaning to DISRUPTION when he did a headstand while presenting Appbakery – turning clinical research upside down literally – at the Mobile in Clinical Trials conference in Boston (#mobileclin2017)

Day 1 of the Disruptive Innovations conference this year #dpharm2017 was dedicated to talks around use of mobile in #clinicaltrials.

Appbakery demo

Our demo ended with a big applause from the audience. Here’s the link to the video.

In the live tech demo round, Dr. Khan asked one of the attendees to try out Appbakery – our DIY research study app building platform – to build an app in 5 minutes. The Appbakery platform allows researchers to design, create and deploy their entire mobile study app for their research studies, using a web interface, without needing to write any code. 


Photo Courtesy: Conference Forum

Photo Courtesy: Conference Forum

The day at the conference in Boston started with opening remarks by Daniel Karlin, MD Head of Experimental Medicine, Informatics, & Regulatory Strategy, Pfizer Inc., followed by an informative session on how to overcome cultural barriers in mobile implementation. This session was moderated by Jeff Lee, CEO of mProve Health. Jane Myles of Roche/Genentech can be seen interacting with Munther Baara from Pfizer, Jacob LaPorte from Novartis, and Alex Simmonds from Bristol-Myers Squibb.

In the discussion Munther Baara suggested that we should work bottom-up & top-down & go case by case with use of digital technology in clinical research. He reminded that cost is an important consideration in and no one size fits all in this field. He also said, “Don’t shy away from implementing eConsent outside the United States” and mentioned that “It’s possible to take a hybrid approach to eConsent”.

In another session @Medidata‘s Anthony Costello examined eConsent lessons, challenges & predictions.

Courtesy: Conference Forum

Courtesy: Conference Forum


Jennifer goldsack of CTTI, outlined CTTI’s MCT program and talked about the pathway to develop novel endpoints from data generated by use of mobile in clinical trials.

Courtesy: Conference Forum

Courtesy: Conference Forum

Courtesy: Conference Forum


Many experts from prestigious educational institutions and companies in the field spoke about their experiences with use of mobile in clinical trials and shared their technologies contributing to increased patient engagement. Experiences and challenges with the famous eHeart study by UCSF, GSK’s PARADE study, and Roche’s Parkinson’s study were shared.

Following the hashtag #mobileclin2017 on twitter outlines how the day went @confereneceforum in Boston. You can also find the the event recap here.

Some of the major concerns around mobile apps in research talked about at the conference were:

  1. Data integrity
  2. Bringing data back to sponsor the company
  3. Handling data coming in in various languages
  4. Android variability


Today on September 7 at 3:40 PM, Dr. Sharib Khan will talk about ‘Transforming Patient Recruitment at the Enterprise Level with iConnect 2.0’ – our clinical trial management system currently being used by NYU, UPENN etc.

iConnect demo


We look forward to more fruitful interaction and networking at #dpharm2017 in the next couple of days.


If you are a researcher or physician looking to start a mobile based research study, and collect survey or sensor/wearables data using smartphone apps, you might want to learn more about Appbakery. Get in touch with us!

Bake your own Mobile Research App. No coding. No upfront cost.

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Shweta Mishra
Shweta Mishra

Shweta is senior marketing and content manager and also provides research and engagement support for Applied Informatics/TrialX products. She hosts women's health/infertility/reproductive medicine talk series driven by her personal experiences for TrialX CureTalks. A San Jose State University Graduate, she holds dual masters degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition Science, and is passionate about the science behind the diverse life phenomenas. She also holds certifications in Digital Marketing from Hubspot Academy, Protecting Human Research Participants from NIH and in Intellectual Property in Biotechnology from WIPO.

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