TrialX celebrates International Clinical Trials Day!

May 20, 2020

It’s International Clinical Trials Day!  May 20th marks the first ever documented clinical trial.  Considering it was 273 years ago, it may come as no surprise that the first clinical trial was conducted on sailors with scurvy aboard an English naval vessel in 1747.

Clinical research has come a long way since the days of scurvy stricken sailors, and today we remember the important contributions that clinical trials play in modern medical advancements. Now more than ever, we appreciate our clinical research professionals who are racing to create a vaccine for COVID-19 and to the volunteers who fearlessly and selflessly give of themselves to clinical trial participation across the globe. 

Our TrialX team carefully chose a throwback iconic war picture of Rosie the Riveter to  commemorate our heroes in the medical field and research volunteers as they battle against Covid-19. We believe now is the time that research must carry on despite the obstacles we face globally while living and working the age of the COVID pandemic. 

You can sign up to be a volunteer or search a COVID trial at one of our partner sites, Centerwatch, University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University, New York University, and Beth Israel Deaconess