iConnect for the Holidays:

It is Christmas Eve, and over 500,000 Americans have received their first dose of the Pfizer MRNA vaccine. A holiday gift to healthcare workers and other priority recipients.

On December 18th, Moderna’s vaccine joined Pfizer in receiving emergency use authorization by the US FDA,  further accelerating the rate of distribution of vaccines. Moderna plans to distribute 20 million doses by the end of January 2021. Pfizer will distribute 70 million doses by June, 2021. A cascade of additional emergency use authorizations are likely to be issued in coming weeks and months for some of the 11 candidate vaccines now in phase 3 clinical trials. Another 49 clinical trials are on-going in phases 1-2. 

Of course the critical pathway includes enrolling patients in clinical trials. And TrialX is proud to have facilitated the online promotion of these trials, elevating their visibility via Centerwatch iConnect, iConnect at New York UniversityiConnect at the University of Pennsylvania, and  iConnect at Indiana University. Along with our peers in the patient recruitment arena, the iConnect patient recruitment platform has facilitated the historic acceleration of the development-distribution cycle. Our platform has hosted Pfizer, AstraZenca and Inovio trials, contributing 1500+ referrals to COVID-19 vaccine research. Thousands more participants were connected to vaccine research via the iConnect volunteer registries hosted at each site, each of which saw peak enrollment levels achieved in the months following the onset of the pandemic. TrialX is proud of the fact that its technology continues to be the platform of choice for online recruitment; for critical COVID-19 vaccine trials and related medical research, and across the broad spectrum of therapeutic areas.