Great Start to a Big and Exciting Week at TrialX

21 Apr

Great Start to a Big and Exciting Week at TrialX

by admin

This is a busy, exciting and big week for us at TrialX.

1. Had a great pitch and demo at the NYC ENT week today and were selected to be one of the 7 finalists from 21 participants. Final presentation on coming Friday.
2. Tomorrow we are at the Social Phamra Unconference at Cambridge, MA. Will be exciting to brainstorm with the clinical trials 2.0 folks
3. Couple of big meetings on Wednesday. One with folks who want to know more about our Twitter APP (see how patients are using it to find trials and what they think). Go ahead try it!
4. Thursday – the big launch demo at the Health 2.0 Conference. Dont miss this one!
5. Final round Presentation at another big business plan competition on Thursday
6. Friday we fly to Denver to exhibit at the ACRP Conference. If you happen to be there visit at us booth #323 and learn more about our ‘Do it Yourself’ Clinical Trials Recruitment platform.
7. And yes, the Final pitch at the NYC ENT which is on Friday too.

So lots of things lined up. And Lots more to look forward to. After all these are times for change and disruption in the clinical trials space and health care information technology in general.

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