Covid-19 India

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Covid – India Relief Activities

Our efforts towards unprecedented increase in Covid-19 cases in India.

  • We are connecting up with communities on the ground to provide oxygen concentrators to the GTB hospital in Delhi (designated Covid hospital). The oxygen concentrators will be used to support those patients who have between 80-90% oxygen saturation.


  • We are reaching out to our academic institution clients for donations of oxygen concentrators to be sent to Bhopal, India.


Home-care infographic

Tips for Managing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at Home for Adults (Version 5, April 25th 2021)


Tips for Managing COVID-19 at Home for Adults

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented public health emergency in India making it difficult for most people to access the healthcare system. The infographic on this page provides concise practical advice for the management of COVID-19 in adults at home (current as of April 25, 2021). The following narrative expands on the principles in the infographic _ Read more


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