Key Features

iConnect is designed to centralize the listing of clinical trials at a given institution and to channelize interested participants to investigators.

There is a need for a fundamentally different type of solution that empowers participants and provide them with the tools to discover and connect with connect with the clinical trial investigators
- ACRP Monitor August 2010

  • Centralized Trial Listing

    A patient friendly search interface for all clinical trials across various departments. Ability to customize the look and feel of the interface as per your institutions website or by department. Themeing options available for clinical trial pages.

  • Search Engine Marketing

    All your trials will be optimized by keywords to show up higher on Search Engines as part of organic search. Out of box capability to create and track pay per click campaigns from the iConnect system.

  • Integrated with Your IRB

    Reduce the manual burden of updating clinical trials across different systems. iConnect seamlessly integrates with your IRB system or CTMS and also to maintain an up-to-date listings.