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such as Cinda to find trials for herself and her loved ones

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such as Jennifer to complete her clinical trial recruitment on time

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such as the Cleveland Clinic to create a centralized trial listing and recruitment tool

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such as the MMRF to create awareness for research and trials

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Why customers love TrialX.

Innovative Technology

Developed using an award winning semantic technology that matches patients to trials using their full-clinical record and clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria. Recently, we developed another novel interactive question/answering technology (winner of the 2011 NCI/Health 2.0 Developer Challenge) that guides and connects patients to research site using live calls

Great User Experience

At TrialX, we develop tools that we'd like to use. We continually refine the user interface and the flow to make it even easier for our customers to do their tasks effectively.

Customer Service

We Listen. We listen to what our customers say and often we fix/add features even before they tell us. The secret sauce of our awesome customer service is that we also "listen" to DATA. We mine access logs, error logs to solve problems before they arise (sort of like the Minory Report!)

I have been very pleased with the recruitment effort of TrialX for my research studies. They have been very diligent in finding qualified subjects in a reasonable time frame. I would definitely recommend their services to clinical research sites.

Dr. Arthur Waldbaum MD
  • There are two reasons why I’m spending so much time exploring future therapy options.  The first is obvious: to help me make the best available choices.  But that’s not really why I’m running this ongoing series of posts. Believe it or not, I’m not worried about me.  I’m an informed and hardened myeloma veteran.  I’ll […]
  • There are a half dozen experimental anti-myeloma drugs nearing the end of the research pipeline.  Which is most likely to be approved and when? A biologic immunotherapy drug like elotuzumab or daratumumab?  Millennium’s new oral proteasome inhibitor, MLN9708? Although it only works well when combined with another drug like Revlimid, elotuzumab is the farthest along.  […]
  • Once again, the comments and emails I received concerning the quest for my next best therapy option rocked!  They are intelligent, well reasoned and most helpful.  Thank you!  Also, I have some new news on the allo front.  Too much to cover to put this off until Monday. Nick, I will get to your comprehensive, […]
  • WOW!  Some amazing suggestions via comments and email.  Our readers are amazing!  If you haven’t read Tuesday’s post, “What’s Next,” and the insightful comments that followed, do it now.  Time well spent–and you’ll be lost today if you don’t. I’m not sure I even know where to start.  I could spend a week’s worth of […]
  • [...]
  • Here’s some fun news!  We’ve set a date for the second annual Myeloma Beach Party!   It’s now becoming a jam-packed weekend, filled with events and plenty of opportunities to get to know each other. It will be held here in Fernandina Beach, Florida, on picturesque Amelia Island the weekend of March 7th.  All activities will […]
  • I was devastated to learn that another close friend, Jim Byrd, died this week. I met Jim while speaking to a support group in Columbia, SC.  He was interested in helping others by speaking to groups, too, so I helped him get started in Millinnium’s Patient Ambassador program. Our paths crossed a number of times.  […]
  • 18 months from now pomalidomide–and anything Dr. Roy has added to it–has stopped working.  I’m fortunate that Kyprolis helped for a while, but it can’t hold my myeloma down any longer.  What’s next? Before you start emailing me encouraging news about emerging biologic and T cell therapies, let’s back up a moment.  It’s possible that […]
  • Friday’s post really opened up a can of worms!  I expected that.  But I don’t want to spend the next few days debating past therapy choices.  I’m trying to convey how I think and feel about the decisions that I’m facing now–and the more difficult ones I’m going to be forced to make a few […]
  • Earlier this month I passed along good news about Don Baylor following his unfortunate injury last spring: Don Baylor update   A former Major League baseball star and hitting coach for the Los Angeles Angels, Baylor has recovered from his myeloma related injury and is back on the job.  One of the biggest baseball fans […]
  • Chewing gum: the newest way to take daily supplements?  I wrote a pair of posts about it recently on The first was about a new hemp gum called canchew.  I received a sample in the mail and really liked it!  Touted as rich in antioxidants, unfortunately the gum contains none of the mind altering, […]
  • I reported back Wednesday afternoon after meeting with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Roy, at Mayo Clinic.  The contrast between Dr. Roy’s slow and steady incremental therapy approach, and the “hit the myeloma hard” Total Therapy approach preferred by Dr. Tricot on Wednesday night’s broadcast couldn’t have been more stark. Dr. Tricot enthusiastically stated that he […]
  • I often say you must have a multiple myeloma specialist on your team to be able to beat the published average life expectancy of 4 years for multiple myeloma.  But then we have a Cure Panel with someone like Dr. Guido Tricot, and you become aware how very true this statement is.  Myeloma Speciaists know so much about this disease they almost don't know how much they know. [...]
  • I’m going to delay posting details about my discussion yesterday with Dr. Roy about whether to transplant or not to transplant until Friday.  Last evening’s Myeloma Cure Panel discussion is an ABSOLUTE MUST-LISTEN for any myeloma patient that has only been treated for one year or less. That may be limiting things too much. I […]
  • Before I share details about my meeting with Mayo Clinic myeloma specialist, Dr. Roy, this morning, I want to remind everyone that I will be part of a panel questioning Dr. Guido Tricot about the importance of minimal residual disease (MRD). Guido Tricot, MD, PhD, is the director of Holden Cancer Center’s Bone Marrow Transplant […]
  • I felt pretty lousy Sunday, yesterday afternoon and now this morning.  Me?  A hangover?  I don’t think the one beer I had Saturday evening while watching college football caused it.  Nope, it’s the pomalidomide. Monday afternoon and I didn’t feel well.  Fatigue and shortness of breath were most notable.  Today I just don’t feel like […]
  • The treatment of multiple myeloma has always seemed a little like playing darts with  a blindfold on.  We never really know if we have hit the target, or if we did, how close we were.  This is because we have had no measurement of disease burden which would let us know if we have achieved a full molecular remission.  We are told by many that it is incurable, and there will always be [...]
  • Remember the excitement when news about Mayo Clinic’s experimental measles virus therapy broke in May?  A Minnesota woman responded so well to treatment that some called it a “miracle” or “cure.”  There was a lot of misinformation about the new therapy; the thought of infusing millions of doses of measles vaccine into a single patient […]
  • Speaking of difficulties associated with long term steroid use,  I hadn’t heard from our dear friend, Tom, the allo transplant patient from Ohio that I’ve been covering since last year.  So I emailed Tom and his wife, Whitney, asking for an update.  Here’s her well crafted and heartfelt response: Hi Pat. Oh, where do I […]
  • In the past there has been some debate about how and when it’s best to take large doses of dexamethasone; something most of us need to do at some point during out ongoing therapy. When I looked into it early in my myeloma journey, I was told it didn’t matter when or how I took […]