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such as Jennifer to complete her clinical trial recruitment on time

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such as the Cleveland Clinic to create a centralized trial listing and recruitment tool

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Why customers love TrialX.

Innovative Technology

Developed using an award winning semantic technology that matches patients to trials using their full-clinical record and clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria. Recently, we developed another novel interactive question/answering technology (winner of the 2011 NCI/Health 2.0 Developer Challenge) that guides and connects patients to research site using live calls

Great User Experience

At TrialX, we develop tools that we'd like to use. We continually refine the user interface and the flow to make it even easier for our customers to do their tasks effectively.

Customer Service

We Listen. We listen to what our customers say and often we fix/add features even before they tell us. The secret sauce of our awesome customer service is that we also "listen" to DATA. We mine access logs, error logs to solve problems before they arise (sort of like the Minory Report!)

I have been very pleased with the recruitment effort of TrialX for my research studies. They have been very diligent in finding qualified subjects in a reasonable time frame. I would definitely recommend their services to clinical research sites.

Dr. Arthur Waldbaum MD
  • I’m a lot tougher than I used to be.  Tests I’ve always dreaded don’t seem so bad anymore.  I’d, like to share a few tips that I find helps make things a bit easier to take. Here’s a quick synopsis of my first day in Iowa. It started at 8:00 AM, with last minute paperwork […]
  • I’ve been so busy I forgot to promote tonight’s Cure Talks broadcast, featuring featured Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party speaker, myeloma specialist Dr. Noopur Raje. Jenny Ahlstrom and Gary Anderson will be joining me, too.  One of the things I like most about Dr. Raje: she’s a researcher and patient doc.  This gives her a patient-centric […]
  • I started my long, cold trip up to Iowa City for testing, buoyed by some unexpectedly good news. My new home away from home, 21st Century Oncology, recently stopped doing patient blood work.  Inconvenient, but it’s a very small clinic. One of the team explained that their lab was over scheduled and short staffed. Translation: […]
  • In this age, when new research publications in nutrition science are coming out by uncountable numbers everyday, with one study promoting one kind of food one day, and the other denying it the next day, the layman still remains confused – What to Eat? On our 80th episode of CureTalks this week, we had distinguished [...]
  • There has been a surprising amount of myeloma related news lately; the FDA’s approval of panobinostat last week, and now the early release of data apparently showing that Kyprolis helps keep a relapsed patient’s myeloma at bay longer than Velcade. My friends at Onyx (now part of Amgen) forwarded me the release announcing the news […]
  • I missed the HBO special, “Killing Cancer,” that aired last week.  Fortunately, I was able to catch a replay this weekend.  Measles viral therapy for multiple myeloma is one of the featured therapies. All of the work we do to help promote multiple myeloma awareness in March was surpassed by the ten minutes about myeloma […]
  • Thinking about coming to our beach party but worried about the cost?  We may be able to help. Apparently there’s a rule for the way drug company sponsorship money is spent; money can’t be given directly to patients or used to cover their expenses.  Understanding this is one reason we decided to charge a modest […]
  • My good friend, Gary Petersen, recently returned from his annual visit to UAMS in Arkansas with a clean bill of health.  He’s not far from being a decade myeloma free.  I have written several times, asking why more newly diagnosed patients aren’t encouraged to try Total Therapy.  The upside is literally off-the-charts.  Gary’s remarkable run […]
  • On the 79th episode of myeloma panel discussion on CureTalks, we had a very skilled physician scientist Dr. Irene Ghobrial, Associate Professor of Medicine at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts discussing “Early treatment of myeloma”. Dr. Ghobrial and her lab seeks to understand the myeloma progression process from inactive [...]
  • Leg cramps.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop them for years. Worst at night during weeks of active therapy, sometimes I need to get up three or four times in order to try and “walk ‘em off.” Drinking tonic water (with quinine) helps. Diet is my drink of choice. But it only […]
  • Panobinostat three days in a row?  Have your eyes glazed over yet?  I understand some of you aren’t interested in drug development details.  But mixed reviews or not, FDA approval of panobinostat is a big deal. After Velcade, Revlimid and Doxil were approved as multiple myeloma therapies nine or ten years ago, there wasn’t a […]
  • I promised an update on yesterday’s surprise FDA approval of panobinostat.  I hope the controversial drug works better than it’s new trade name: Farydak.  Who the heck came up with that? I’m already hearing from patient’s and their families, concerned about a long list of potential side effects.  While that’s never a good thing, for […]
  • In an unexpected move today, the FDA approved the new myeloma therapy, panobinostat. The approval is surprising, considering the FDA’s own advisory committee had recommended denying Novartis’ approval request as recently as November: Panobinostat gets a “thumbs down” in preliminary FDA hearing   FDA approval of panobinostat unlikely   Why the 180 degree turn-around?  I’ll […]
  • Speaking of new treatment options, here’s an excerpt from an excellent summary of what I consider to be “stopgap” myeloma therapy measures until new immunotherapy technology moves front and center: Treatment Triplets Offer New Strategies in Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Anita T. Shaffer – Published Online: Friday, February 20, 2015 The treatment options for patients […]
  • Announcement -  March is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month and on March 5th, Dr. Noopur Raje of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School was the  featured speaker on the Myeloma Cure Panel.  The panel discussed new initiatives for Clinical Trials, Awareness and Improvements in funding for trials.  To listen to a rebroadcast [...]
  • The FDA is considering a radical new, streamlined approach to granting access to experimental drugs.  For those of us that desperately need more myeloma treatment options, I can’t imagine better news. Read this excerpt from the opinion pages in last week’s New York Times: The Food and Drug Administration has proposed a greatly simplified process […]
  • I ran this press release several weeks ago.  There’s still time for researchers and myeloma specialists to submit their ideas for funding: New Crowdfunding Myeloma Initiative Begins With Call For Letters Of Intent For High-Risk Multiple Myeloma Solutions SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative (MCRI) is calling for research […]
  • Wednesday I drove back to Tampa to visit my old support group, and promote my Beach Party in March.  A dozen or so members plan to party with us!  As I closed my remarks, someone in the group asked me this: “Why do you need fly all the way to Iowa for a second opinion?  […]
  • I received some good news from Eliza Schleifstein with Cegene.  She passed along this information for me to share: Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ:CELG) today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded the existing indication for REVLIMID® (lenalidomide) in combination with dexamethasone to include patients newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma. The treatment is […]
  • BAM!  POW!  What day is it again?  I felt dazed, confused and forgetful a few cycles into my initial pomalidomide therapy.  Reminding me that pomalidomide (Pomalyst) is much more potent than Revlimid, Dr. Roy suggested we cut the dose back to 3 mg.  That helped for the first couple of months.  But the last few […]