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Developing innovative technologies and media for facilitating patient recruitment

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such as Cinda to find trials for herself and her loved ones

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such as Jennifer to complete her clinical trial recruitment on time

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such as the Cleveland Clinic to create a centralized trial listing and recruitment tool

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such as the MMRF to create awareness for research and trials

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Why customers love TrialX.

Innovative Technology

Developed using an award winning semantic technology that matches patients to trials using their full-clinical record and clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria. Recently, we developed another novel interactive question/answering technology (winner of the 2011 NCI/Health 2.0 Developer Challenge) that guides and connects patients to research site using live calls

Great User Experience

At TrialX, we develop tools that we'd like to use. We continually refine the user interface and the flow to make it even easier for our customers to do their tasks effectively.

Customer Service

We Listen. We listen to what our customers say and often we fix/add features even before they tell us. The secret sauce of our awesome customer service is that we also "listen" to DATA. We mine access logs, error logs to solve problems before they arise (sort of like the Minory Report!)

I have been very pleased with the recruitment effort of TrialX for my research studies. They have been very diligent in finding qualified subjects in a reasonable time frame. I would definitely recommend their services to clinical research sites.

Dr. Arthur Waldbaum MD
  • Hearing from Jim Bond got me thinking about Tom from Ohio, our adopted allogeneic stem cell transplant recipient.  Let’s check in and see how Tom’s doing: Hi Pat. Here’s my weekly update. Of course with some twists; nothing seems to be easy. Last time I casually mentioned ostopathic blood pressure (BP) issues. This meant my […]
  • The rumors have been around for awhile.  Dr. Bart Barloge is 69 years old, well past retirement age, and rumored to be on his way to a leisurely retirement, to fly fish, vacation endlessly in Santorini, Greece, sky dive, swim with great white sharks, and ride a bucking bull named FU MAN CHU, etc.  But even when Bart retires he retires in place, and a letter explaining this follows.  However, I think Nic [...]
  • It hasn’t been easy.   22 year survivor, Jim Bond, credits four stem cell transplants (two autos and a pair of allos) along with new myeloma therapies for his longevity. Jim and his unflappable wife and caregiver, Kathleen, have been at this a long time.  They shared secrets about their challenging life together on this month’s […]
  • Joan is always busy taking care her husband and myeloma patient, Don, along with their rural home and garden in the Hocking Hills of Ohio .  She emails me daily, sharing frustrations about Don’s doctors, the cold, lousy weather and Don’s cantankerous demeanor. Don is a lot older than I am, but we have something […]
  • After sharing the devastating news about my friend, Karl, yesterday, I’m happy to post the story of a newly diagnosed patient that is responding to therapy as expected: Martha from Oregon. Here’s Martha’s myeloma story in her own words, along with a picture Martha and caregiver and companion, Larry: I was diagnosed with Stage I […]
  • One of my closest friends died Thursday night.  Karl Vollstedt was the most generous and positive person that I’ve ever known. I met Karl–and his lovely wife, Lorraine–at the first multiple myeloma support group meeting I ever attended in the summer of 2007.  Karl had founded the Stillwater, Minnesota group three years before.  Don Wright, […]
  • I’ve recently received a lot of constructive criticism from readers that feel my doctors should reduce my weekly dexamethasone dose–or eliminate it altogether. I understand the risks of higher dose, long term use of any corticoid steroid.  But statistics clearly show the anti-myeloma benefit that dex brings to the table. Before I get started, here’s […]
  • Coincidentally, Medpage Today ran a story about medical marijuana yesterday.  The focus?  How the medical establishment and media often take things out of context when it comes to cannabis. Here’s an excerpt: Striking a Nerve: Bungling the Cannabis Story Published: Apr 16, 2014  By John Gever, Deputy Managing Editor, MedPage Today Correlation does not equal causation, […]
  • What a fascinating, enlightening conversation!  An hour long broadcast wasn’t enough time to cover Cannabis for Cancer. Dr. Donald I. Abrams is a cancer and integrative medicine specialist at the UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Mount Zion. He provides integrative medicine consultations for cancer patients and has completed research in complementary and alternative […]
  • How many different types of multiple myeloma are there?  Six?  Ten or twelve?  According to Dr. Rafael Fonseca, ” Every patient’s myeloma is likely different.” Are you a “high risk” multiple myeloma patient?  Not sure?  Don’t feel bad; myeloma experts can’t seem to agree about what it means.  Monday night’s Cure Talk broadcast guest, Dr. […]
  • Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  Pat Killingsworth had a blog post titled, "Can Marijuana and Cialis really kill myeloma cells?" Well it is not fiction, but reality and you can listen to Dr. Donald Abra [...]
  • “How am I doing?” I’m often asked; by email, in person or on the phone.  Here’s an update. Dr. Malhotra is now running a SPEP test (measures my M-spike) every two weeks.  This week’s results: I remained at a steady 0.4, same as the last test that had dropped from 0.5 the month before. I’m […]
  • This is a very important broadcast week on Cure Talk Radio.  Monday, our Myeloma Cure Panel will discuss treating high risk multiple myeloma with Mayo Clinic expert Dr. Rafael Fonseca.  Tuesday, I host what should be a fascinating program about using marijuana for cancer patients with Dr. Donald Abrams. Monday’s broadcast is at 6 PM […]
  • We haven’t heard from Tom for over a week.  Here’s his latest email update: Hi Pat, Well, since we last communicated I was able to stay out of hospital for a few days, but I’m back in. I had been having a hard time maintaining a good standing blood pressure (BP). I was faint and […]
  • Dr. Rafael Fonseca Discussed Progress in High Risk Multiple Myeloma on the April Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast.  Dr. Fonseca is the deputy director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Getz Family Professor of Cancer and professor of medicine, Scottsdale, Arizona. To listen to a rebroadcast of the program CLICK HERE. To view a recent summary by P [...]
  • I spent 30 minutes chatting with award winning interviewer, Andrew Schorr at ASH in New Orleans this past December.  I think he saved the best for last. Interested in how I feel after hearing I had relapsed for a third time?  I think Andrew asked just enough questions to get at how I feel about […]
  • Prayer.  I receive dozens of emails each week from readers kind enough to mention that they’re praying for me.  I think it helps!  Knowing I have so many friends supporting me is encouraging. This weekend I received an unusual request.   Take a moment to read this touching email from Denise: Hello Pat- Thank you for […]
  • I’m excited to announce that my publisher has released new and improved versions of my my first two books, Living with Multiple Myeloma and  Stem Cell Transplants from a Patient’s Perspective. Living with Multiple Myeloma describes my emotional and physical struggle with multiple myeloma.  The focus is on how and why I made the fateful […]
  • Watchful waiting is currently the medical standard of care for patients with smoldering myeloma.  2014 could be the year that changes. Myeloma researchers and specialists have been slowly moving in the direction of treating myeloma earlier and more aggressively.  Genetic markers and other indicators are starting to make it easier for doctors to identify high […]
  • Questions about the therapy Dr. Rapoport used to help Patient Snapshot allogeneic stem cell transplant survivor, Mary Jeanne, and others do so well?  Our good friend, Jenny Ahlstrom, recently interviewed him on a mPatient Myeloma Radio broadcast. Here’s a brief explanation about how this exciting new therapy works from the Myeloma Crowd website: Dr. Aaron […]