Developing innovative technologies & media for facilitating clinical research.


At TrialX we are a passionate group of MDs, PhDs from diverse backgrounds working passionately to build solutions to connect patients to clinical trials and research.

Sharib Khan


Sharib has a passion for merging technology and healthcare that changes the way we approach medicine. As product lead at TrialX, he is responsible for strategy, operations, and product development for all products and services. Prior to TrialX, Sharib co-founded Future Today Inc., a leading online and connected TV media company. Today, Future Today and its media properties reach more than 3 million unique visitors every month. Sharib holds a Masters in Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University and an MD from University of Medical Sciences, Delhi University

Chintan Patel


Chintan brings in more than 15 years experience as a Computer Scientist and Biomedical Informatician. At TrialX, he builds stuff with funny acronyms such as REST, API, JSON, JSX, RDF and so on. His areas of expertise include software architecture, semantic technologies, biomedical ontologies, machine learning and natural language processing. Previously, he worked at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research, on ontology-reasoning and information extraction that then became the infamous Jeopardy winning AI software “Watson”. He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics from Columbia University.

Aziz Rawat

Chief Creative Officer

Aziz grew up on the Shivaliks of north India. An alumni of the Faculty of Fine Art, Vadodara (India) and the VCU Brandcenter (Richmond VA), Aziz has helped launch and promote numerous global and regional brands while working for some of the top advertising and brand shops such as EnergyBBDO, DDB and Ogilvy. Proud of the diversity and breadth of work he has helped create over the years, Aziz believes is a result of a happy confluence of his pragmatic mother, perfectionist father and the paradoxical nature of all his experiences living in India, both coasts of the United States and the Midwest. Now living with his wife and daughter in Minneapolis, Aziz has made technology, health and wellness the focus of this work.

Priya Menon

Scientific Media Editor

Priya is Scientific Media Editor at Applied Informatics/TrialX. She hosts and manages CureTalks, an internet radio talk show on healthcare which brings together experts and people on the same platform engaging in ‘Discussions for Solutions’. She holds masters in Microbiology, degrees in Patent Law, Media Law, and certifications in Writing in Sciences from Stanford University and HR Management from IIM Bangalore, India. She has extensive writing experience with a focus on cancer research, nutrition, and alternative therapies and presents a varied view on healthcare and associated domains. She is also a guest columnist at The Week. Follow (@Cure_talk).

Julie Dulude

Creative Director

Julie is one of the world’s most skeptical consumers. Ironically, it’s her cynicism for all things branded that make her good at what she does. Part copywriter, part strategist, Julie searches far and wide for emotional truths that will resonate with the intended audience. 

Julie’s work spans a diverse range of accounts including Dove, Kotex, CleanWell, Honest Foods, BlackBerry and American Eagle Outfitters, with special expertise in the wellness and natural foods markets. Julie has worked in all mediums from interactive to broadcast, but she brings to TrialX far more than a traditional advertising background.

 Some of Julie’s more memorable projects have been inventing new product ideas for Adidas and redesigning the consumer shopping experience for Westfield malls. She has named new companies and products, and helped launch multiple brands from scratch, in each case working closely with the client to create a unique and ownable brand voice

Shweta Mishra

Digital Marketing

Shweta is responsible for digital marketing and content initiatives at TrialX. A San Jose State University Graduate, she holds dual masters degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition Science, and is passionate about the science behind the diverse life phenomenas. She also holds certifications in Protecting Human Research Participants from NIH and in Intellectual Property in Biotechnology from WIPO. A TrialX CureTalks she hosts the infertility/reproductive medicine talk series. Follow @CureTalks, @TrialX

Nickolas Whiting

Web and iOS Lead

Nickolas is responsible for overseeing iOS mobile application development at TrialX and working with the web development team to ensure code quality and system scalability. He brings a decade of experience as a software engineer and when not writing code, he can be seen tinkering in his garage, transplanting parts from one car to another.


Senior Software Developer

Joefrey leads all UI/UX development at TrialX. He brings years of experience as a front-end technologies engineer and brings an exceptional high quality of craftsmanship to his work.

Yaseen Dar

Lead Engineer

Yaseen started his career as an Intern at TrialX and has progressed to now become Product Lead and Senior Engineer. He holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Masters in Computer Application. His skills include several open source technologies like Python, Django, Flask, Solr, MySQL, REST, Javascript Technologies and others. Yaseen is an all-rounder and is known for his big hits in cricket and also likes to take a dip in cold streams and go horse riding in the beautiful mountain valleys of Kashmir.


Software Developer

Nasir is a Senior Software Developer at TrialX. His skills include Python, Django, Apache/Solr, RESTful web APIs, MySQL. He also has developed exepertise in front-end technologies like HTML5/CSS, Javascript/jquery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Foundation. Nasir is also a poet and pens his thoughts in Urdu. He holds a Masters in Computer Applications.

Sai Hemchandra

Point Guard, TrialX iConnect

Sai is a web developer at TrialX. He enjoys developing applications with vibrant user interfaces that enhance efficiency within the healthcare landscape. During his time off, he can be seen on a basketball court or at the gym. Sai holds a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Florida International University, Miami.

National Semantic Web Challenge 2009

NYC Entrepreneur Business Plan Competition 2009

NCI Innovation Challenge 2012



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