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such as Cinda to find trials for herself and her loved ones

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Why customers love TrialX.

Innovative Technology

Developed using an award winning semantic technology that matches patients to trials using their full-clinical record and clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria. Recently, we developed another novel interactive question/answering technology (winner of the 2011 NCI/Health 2.0 Developer Challenge) that guides and connects patients to research site using live calls

Great User Experience

At TrialX, we develop tools that we'd like to use. We continually refine the user interface and the flow to make it even easier for our customers to do their tasks effectively.

Customer Service

We Listen. We listen to what our customers say and often we fix/add features even before they tell us. The secret sauce of our awesome customer service is that we also "listen" to DATA. We mine access logs, error logs to solve problems before they arise (sort of like the Minory Report!)

I have been very pleased with the recruitment effort of TrialX for my research studies. They have been very diligent in finding qualified subjects in a reasonable time frame. I would definitely recommend their services to clinical research sites.

Dr. Arthur Waldbaum MD
  • A number of readers from the Western U.S. emailed me about author Ivan Doig’s passing.  The popular and well published novelist from Idaho died last week from complications related to his ongoing battle with multiple myeloma. Ivan Doig dies at 75; writer captured the American West April 13, 2015 – Associated Press and the L.A. […]
  • Is radioactive chemo any crazier than using marijuana or Cialis to help kill myeloma cells?  Apparently not.  I say, “Keep it all coming–throw enough at the wall and something’s bound to stick.  Remembering how different multiple myeloma is for all of us, we need all the “wall sticking” we can get! For Immediate Release Cellectar […]
  • Here’s a great post for late Friday night!  I’ll be curious to see what our resident marijuana expert, Hayden, thinks about it: One World Cannabis Moves Forward to Test Human Cells in its Multiple Myeloma Study PETACH TIKVA, Israel, April 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OTCQB: OWCP), today announced that its wholly […]
  • As a titillating tease for an upcoming series of posts, I met for an hour and a half with Mayo Clinic’s Head of Hematology this morning, Dr. Asher Chanan Khan.  But that comes later.  Today I wanted to update you about how I feel after completing my second day of therapy. I received a message […]
  • Pattie and I returned home late last night after a whirlwind trip to Boston.  We flew up and back for two days of myeloma related meetings. We were able to sneak out to spend four hours playing tourist Monday afternoon.  I have been traveling to Boston to work several times a year for the past […]
  • The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) just announced  a collaboration with Adaptive Biotechnologies, the University of Torino and Amgen/Onyx to perform sequencing-based assessment of minimal residual disease (MRD) on hundreds of multiple myeloma patients. Patients enrolled in a ground-breaking, comparative, clinical disease monitoring trial, INSIDE MM-1, will be monitored for MRD using flow cytometry and […]
  • Such a simple abstract, with so many lessons to learn.  Example of how Cytoxan and dex–at low doses–helped a relapsed patient in kidney failure stay stable for almost two years: Long-term Control in a Patient with Refractory Multiple Myeloma by Oral Cyclophosphamide and Dexamethasone Abstract Background: Prognosis of patients with multiple myeloma (MM) has substantially […]
  • Tuesday I was a guest panelist on Jenny Ahlstrom’s radio show.  The broadcast featured one of the new therapies for late stage myeloma patients that CrowdCare Foundation is considering for funding.  By the end of the program, I was considering joining this new, innovative trial myself! Here’s Jenny’s summary of Dr. Guenther Koehne’s work, featuring […]
  • The 8th anniversary of my multiple myeloma diagnosis has unceremoniously come and gone:            April 3rd, 2007. I’ve been so busy tying up loose ends following our beach party event, I lost track of time.  And then there’s the unavoidable therapy fork-in-the-road decision I’m facing.  Honestly, the day and date that […]
  • One of the amazing things about the final day of this year’s Beach Party: no one wanted to leave!  Instead, the 70 or so remaining patients and caregivers stayed, shared suggestions and started to help us plan next year’s event.   Volunteers stepped forward, committees were formed.  Michele and Stephanie even started a Pat’s Myeloma Beach […]
  • I’m apprehensive about starting my new therapy next Wednesday.  Took my last dose of pomalidomide today. Yesterday was a long day.  A ferry ride across the St. Johns River, followed by a quick trip to Trader Joe’s (nice!), then off to Mayo Clinic.  Afterwards I shot some video along with Gary Petersen for CrowdCare, explaining […]
  • My head snapped around after hearing “multiple myeloma” in this clip on CBS this Morning today.  Apparently Alaska Air kicked a family off the plane because a myeloma patients was flying home to undergo chemotherapy later that day: A California woman with cancer and her family were kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight from Hawaii […]
  • A good friend and fellow multiple myeloma survivor emailed me before last night’s championship game between the University of Wisconsin and Duke:  “Just because the Badgers win the national title doesn’t mean you can now go in peace. We’re just getting started. You need to stick around for all of it.”  Pattie and I  laughed […]
  • It was difficult to get anything done today; our Wisconsin Badgers are playing Duke tonight for the National Championship. As regular readers know, Pattie and I are University of Wisconsin grads.  After knocking off undefeated Kentucky Saturday night, we almost booked plane tickets to Indianapolis to see the game.  But we’re heading up to Boston […]
  • Hot Update Bart Barlogie will not retire but will be leaving to start a new practice elsewhere.  WOW! See belowThe High [...]
  • One of the most interesting presentations at this year’s Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party event featured Danny Parker’s review of nutritional basics for myeloma patients.   It reminded me of a column he wrote about it three years ago.  Over 11,000 myeloma patients and caregivers have referenced it since then. Diet and Multiple Myeloma:  Summary of Dietary […]
  • Several Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy (MIRT) patients have contacted me, concerned that world renowned myeloma specialist, Dr. Bart Barlogie, may be leaving UAMS in Little Rock. I’m having trouble getting a clear picture of what’s really happening. Apparently the split is contentious; not sure if he’s being forced out or asked to leave. […]
  • Think I have an advantage knowing a lot of myeloma specialists?  How about the invaluable help I get from our readers?  Check-out the sage advice a patient and caregiver from Michigan emailed me on Tuesday: Hi Pat, Using the PET scan to gauge disease progression can be tricky. Our myeloma doctor says that they can […]
  • While I feverishly work to contact my transplant coordinator at Cigna, exchange faxes and emails with Iowa, Mayo and my local 21st Century Oncology office, life goes on.  I’ve always respected Dr. Rajkumar at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  He takes care of his patients and tries to keep an eye on costs: Health beat: Cancer […]
  • Last month HBO ran an expose’ about cancer therapy that  reminded us how well one of the latest measles viral patients, Stephanie from Minnesota, was doing.  The experimental procedure was touted as a C-change in treating cancer: HBO introduces the world to multiple myeloma   Scroll down a way and read some of the later […]