TrialX PCOS Tracker Completes One Year with More than 18,000 Downloads…and Counting

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16 Jul

TrialX PCOS Tracker Completes One Year with More than 18,000 Downloads…and Counting

by Shweta Mishra

We are excited to share that at the completion of one year of its launch, the TrialX PCOS Tracker app made using DIY app making platform Appbakery is being downloaded by thousands of women who have been diagnosed with PCOS or whose symptoms make them think they may have PCOS. We have been adding more ~400+ participants every week, and this overwhelming response just shows how troubled women are with this enigmatic cluster of symptoms, that is PCOS. And that they are looking for a solution.

The new version of the PCOS tracker with new features and updates is available and can be downloaded on iOS as well as android phones.

How is PCOS Tracker Helping?

A feedback survey from PCOS Tracker users reveals that the app is helping women stay aware about their condition and motivating them to change their lifestyle as they fill in the answers daily. Using PCOS Tracker, women are tracking their mood, exercise and diet patterns including daily fruit and protein portions.

The active tasks integrated in the tracker is allowing them to monitor their cognitive and neuro-motor skills. PCOS Tracker can also monitor sleep through HealthKit. It also provides fitness tracking such as step counts, which can give additional insights into a user’s health and lifestyle. Users can also download their data and share it with their health advisors.

A New Feature in PCOS Tracker

Nearly 3 of every 4 menstruating women experience some form of premenstrual syndrome or PMS – a cluster of physical and emotional symptoms. The exact cause of PMS is unknown. The only way to diagnose PMS is to track symptoms month by month and share notes with health advisors. We added a PMS Log to the PCOS Tracker to help women track and learn how their PCOS symptoms relate with their premenstrual symptoms.

PCOS Tracker

A Look at Other PCOS Tracker Features

  • Daily and Monthly Symptoms Tracking 

The daily survey helps users note down their PCOS symptoms that they experienced throughout a particular day. The monthly survey helps them note and track symptoms, specifically around their menstrual cycles. 

  • A Leaderboard 

Leaderboard keeps track of the number of steps users walked and keeps them motivated to do more.

  • Download Your Data 

Users can download their data at will, if they need to see how they were doing all these days and months. For example, they can track what effects does, say – the new diet, or the new workout they started a month back – have on their PCOS symptoms. Moreover, they can share the data with their health advisors, so as to have a clear communication, that may help them plan user’s treatment better.

  • Get Insights 

The graphs and charts section of the app gives insights on how our PCOS buddies are doing, showing aggregate insights on responses filled in by PCOS Tracker users.

  • References & Links Section & Notifications 

Users can find PCOS related news, PCOS research updates, and PCOS Tracker app related information in this section of the app. 

Looking to Collaborate with Research Teams Working on PCOS

The driving force behind the PCOS Tracker is an amalgamation of personal story, advocacy and opportunity. Growing up as a teenager I did not know that having irregular and extremely painful periods can be a sign of something as grave as infertility. I was never diagnosed with PCOS and my infertility was diagnosed to be an “unexplained” one. But the more I read about PCOS, the more my symptoms made me think I may have had PCOS. Many girls/women remain undiagnosed because they are confused about their symptoms, think it’s normal, and never see a specialist. So, we thought, it will be helpful to educated them about their symptoms and equip them to keep track of their daily and monthly PCOS symptoms, so they can have an open communication with their health advisors. We also believe that knowledge shared by these “citizen scientists” may lead the PCOS physicians and scientists to new insights into this disease.

In the past one year, the response for PCOS Tracker has been overwhelming and, and it has now been downloaded by nearly 19,000+ women and girls, helping track their symptoms.

We need to put the anonymous contributions of our citizen scientists – tracking their condition and contributing their data – to constructive use to advance PCOS research. The PCOS Tracker has an anonymous data set of signs and symptoms. We are looking to collaborate with research teams working on PCOS & women’s health, for data analysis and use of this data for research. Please write to me at

You can read some of the insights we obtained from preliminary analysis of data in our updates blog here. 

Your Feedback Appreciated! 

If you have been using PCOS Tracker or plan to give it a try, please spare a moment to fill up this very short feedback form. Your feedback is valuable to help us improve, so we can help women suffering with PCOS better and eventually help advance PCOS research.

A PCOS Community Q&A session on PCOS & Menstrual Cycle

PCOS Community Q&A Session Launch

On the occasion of the one year anniversary of the PCOS Tracker, we had a very informative Q&A session on 22nd July, 2020, with PCOS expert Dr. Carolyn Alexander of Southern California Reproductive Center and reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh of Egg Whisperer Enterprises, along with well known PCOS advocates and PCOS tracker followers, to help answer questions related to irregular periods, periods pain and infertility associated with it. The experts answered the most common questions asked by women tracking their PCOS symptoms using PCOS Tracker. WATCH THE TALK HERE.

Please write to for any queries related to PCOS Tracker.

Shweta Mishra
Shweta Mishra

Shweta is senior marketing and content manager and also provides research and engagement support for Applied Informatics/TrialX products. She hosts women's health/infertility/reproductive medicine talk series driven by her personal experiences for TrialX CureTalks. A San Jose State University Graduate, she holds dual masters degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition Science, and is passionate about the science behind the diverse life phenomenas. She also holds certifications in Digital Marketing from Hubspot Academy, Protecting Human Research Participants from NIH and in Intellectual Property in Biotechnology from WIPO.

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