PCOS Tracker Downloaded by More Than 39K Women, Launches its Website

PCOS Tracker app

27 Apr

PCOS Tracker Downloaded by More Than 39K Women, Launches its Website

by Shweta Mishra

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of the website (pcostracker.app) to help you get all the information you need about the PCOS Tracker app

Built using our DIY app building platform – TrialX Appbakery, PCOS Tracker aims to help women specifically track their daily and monthly PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms. Since its launch, the PCOS Tracker has gathered a community of nearly 39K women who are dealing with symptoms of PCOS and want to know their condition better.  

Interested folks can visit pcostracker.app to learn more about PCOS Tracker, stay updated on new insights from PCOS tracker and read/listen to PCOS related articles, blogs and discussions. 

pcostracker.app website

PCOS Tracker is for women and girls who are either diagnosed by PCOS or just think they may have PCOS because of the symptoms they experience.

After tracking for the desired number of days and months, users can download their data and share with their health advisors. All data on the app is anonymous. We are also looking to collaborate with research teams to analyse this anonymous data, that will help researchers get a better understanding of this condition. 

PCOS tracker can be downloaded for free on iOS as well as android phones.

To download on iOS click here. 

To download on Google Play click here. 

Worldwide, 1 in 5 women and girls suffer with PCOS which is a chronic condition with symptoms such as irregular periods, extra hair growth, acne, male-pattern baldness and more. Many girls/women remain undiagnosed because they are confused about their symptoms, think it’s normal, and never see a specialist. So, it is important that they know their symptoms better and be educated about it continuously. PCOS Tracker equips women to learn and keep track of their PCOS symptoms day by day and month by month. Moreover, as they track and understand their symptoms, they have the opportunity to share their knowledge as “citizen scientists”, which may help physicians and scientists get new insights into this condition.

A big shout out to our PCOS community who have joined us on our PCOS discussions on CureTalks that has helped to increase the knowledge base of our community tremendously. We look forward to continue to share more authentic information about everything PCOS via CureTalks.

The pcostracker.app website is a place to inform you about everything you need to know about the PCOS Tracker app. We also aim to continue to spread PCOS awareness through the website and keep our users and the larger PCOS community updated with PCOS related information.

Stay tuned and keep visiting pcostracker.app for more updates!

Shweta Mishra
Shweta Mishra

Shweta is senior marketing and content manager and also provides research and engagement support for Applied Informatics/TrialX products. She hosts women's health/infertility/reproductive medicine talk series driven by her personal experiences for TrialX CureTalks. A San Jose State University Graduate, she holds dual masters degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition Science, and is passionate about the science behind the diverse life phenomenas. She also holds certifications in Digital Marketing from Hubspot Academy, Protecting Human Research Participants from NIH and in Intellectual Property in Biotechnology from WIPO.

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