Launch your Research Study Apps in Minutes with TrialX’s Appbakery

06 Jun

Launch your Research Study Apps in Minutes with TrialX’s Appbakery

by Priya Menon

Research study apps on smartphones is changing the way medical research can be done. When Apple launched its Researchkit two years, back, it turned millions of iPhone around the world into ‘a powerful tool for medical research’. Following it up with the Android ports of ResearchStack and ResearchDroid, the smartphone in your hand is your key to improved research and treatments.



Our recently launched DIY app building platform Appbakery is a simple no-code web-based digital health platform where you can make your mobile research study app, complete with prescreener, consent, surveys and notifications within a matter of minutes. It empowers researchers to take an active role in quickly building and deploying their research study apps.



Appbakery has its own integrated wearables API – GETHealth. GetHealth provides a developer friendly RESTful API that pulls data from hundreds of wearables, devices and health/fitness apps. The platform enables a clinical trial sponsor, clinical research organization (CRO) or an academic researcher to select wearables/devices and start receiving data from study participants which can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Is it possible to build a working research study app in five minutes? How advanced are the features? The Appbakery platform allows researchers to design, create and deploy their entire mobile study app for clinical trials or research studies using a web interface without needing to write any code. Researchers can specify pre-screener options, consent screens, surveys (tracking outdoor activity like walking etc.) and wearables data they plan to include, to be collected. Appbakery compiles all information and bakes an app ready to be downloaded from Apple and Google stores.

The platform is generating a lot of interest and we are excited!! Apple’s open source user interface for mobile clinical trial, Researchkit and Applied Informatics’ android library Researchdroid along with TrialX’s HIPAA compliant platform allows a rapid creation and launch of clinical study applications in accordance with your budget.

Depending on the level of complexity of an app, UI etc, time for coding and development can be a decisive factor in a research study. With Appbakery, even before you write your grants, you can do a pilot study saving time and cost. Research teams from Medical College of Wisconsin and Columbia University are into testing first flights of their study apps made via this innovative app wizard.

To know how Appbakery can help you in your research study, join our monthly webinars. You can also send in your app requests to us here and get baking!



Bake your own Mobile Research App. No coding. No upfront cost.

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Priya Menon
Priya Menon

Priya is Scientific Media Editor at Applied Informatics/TrialX. She hosts and manages CureTalks, an internet radio talk show on healthcare which brings together experts and people on the same platform engaging in ‘Discussions for Solutions’. She holds masters in Microbiology, degrees in Patent Law, Media Law, and certifications in Writing in Sciences from Stanford University, Content and Marketing from Hubspot Academy and HR Management from IIM Bangalore, India. She has extensive writing experience with a focus on cancer research, nutrition, and alternative therapies and presents a varied view on healthcare and associated domains. She is also a guest columnist at The Week.

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