iConnect Updates: Enhanced Features and Improved User Interface in Version 2.

iConnect V.2 is about to be launched and we are very excited. Our team is working hard to meet timelines and bring to production enhanced features, UI changes and more.

We mentioned how investigators can make their own flyers for their trials previously. This feature is part of our investigator dashboard, and here we are taking a look at some of the other features on the dashboard.

iConnect’s dashboard provides investigators with a birds view of their trials. They can view all their trials and even add a new trial from the dashboard itself. The researchers can view trials reports like number of total trials,active trials, referrals.etc. as well as generate a trial report from here.

New! We have added provision for research team to assign ‘roles’ for researchers via this dashboard.  

In addition to these the investigator is provided with following features:

  • Prescreener
  • Campaign Tracker
  • Theme



Prescreener feature in iConnect can be used by investigators to filter out patients who can be recruited for a trial. Investigators create a prescreener from the dashboard.



Campaign Tracker

iConnect allows investigator to generate a campaign tracker which contains trackable email, phone and link and this would help in monitoring and tracking his trial campaign. When a prospective participant makes a call / emails / clicks on a trackable link, the investigator will be able to keep track of call status, referrals etc.

Courtesy: http://stm.sciencemag.org/content/3/69/69cm3.full


iConnect allows investigator to customize user view of his trial. There are three themes namely Default, Basic, Premium to choose from. Whenever a trial is created it will appear in the ‘Default’ theme. Trial researchers can choose from any of the themes using ‘Themes’ tab under Trial edit view. They can preview all the themes with some dummy trial using the demo button. Once a theme is chosen and saved, researchers can preview their trials in the theme using the ‘preview’ button.

Stay tuned for more updates and launch of the next version.