May 29, 2017
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High Risk Pregnancies - Causes and Care 

with Dr. Shannon Clark 
May 31st, 2017. 4PM EST RSVP
A high risk pregnancy can be life-threatening to the mother as well as the baby. Women must be trained to tell, when they need medical attention themselves, in addition to the baby care training they receive. We are talking to Dr. Shannon Clark, a double board certified obstetrician and gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine specialist, about who falls in the high risk category, about the challenges and experiences involved in a high risk pregnancy, and the care that is available.
Dr. Shannon Clark 
Alia Paige 
Gray Mom 
Shweta Mishra 
Living Well with Prostate Cancer - Part II
with Dr. Paul Schellhammer  
May 30th, 2017. 6PM EST RSVP
We continue our discussion with Dr. Paul Schellhammer on prostate cancer and life thereafter. The  prostate cancer panel lead by Mike Scott will address how patients/advocates/caregivers can help the medical community develop new data that will provide better information on how to help patients "live well" with prostate cancer. 
Dr. Paul Schellhammer
Mike Scott 
Paul Carpenter 
Tony Crispino 
Priya Menon
Precision Medicine: Identifying Targeted Cancer Treatments with Genomic Testing  with Rick Davis and Panel 
May 10th, 2017. 6PM EST LISTEN
Precision medicine has made a sea-change in cancer treatment. A pipe dream for most patients 10 years ago, it is a reality today. Precision medicine's keystone is the ability to identify personal gene characteristics and match them to specific treatment options. This discussion considers questions surrounding precision medicine and targeted treatment with a panel of physicians.
Prof. William Burhans
Dr. Prasanth Reddy 
Dr. Samuel Klempner
David Marshak 
Dr. Sharon Stanley
Mike Scott 
Rick Davis
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