Gun violence and health care, Ultra CART Cells
JUNE 30, 2021

Gun Violence and its Impact on Healthcare

with  Dr. Therese S. Richmond, Dr. Zaffer A Qasim, Dr. Chidinma C Nwakanma
May 25, 2021, 12 PM EST

While the pandemic took a disproportionate toll on American life last year, there was another devastating, enduring public health crisis that only got worse, gun violence. In the United States, there are over 100 gun deaths each day and about 38,000 each year. Despite the number of deaths, lingering health impacts from gunshot wounds, and the psychological impact a gun death or injury can have on a household or community, gun violence is framed as a political or criminal justice issue rather than a health issue. There is a great need to begin reframing the impact of gun violence as a medical issue, not a political one. 

We are discussing the many perspectives related to gun violence and its impact on healthcare with an esteemed panel of experts from the University of Pennsylvania. The panel touches upon,

  • Perspectives on gun violence from the emergency room – trauma, psychological effects
  • How can physicians talk about firearms with patients?
  • Gun violence research / firearm injury-prevention research
  • Role of public health in preventing gun violence
Dr. Therese S. Richmond
Dr. Zaffer A. Qasim
Dr. Chidinma C Nwakanma
Priya Menon
June 24, 2021, 6:00 PM EST
Several reports about the consistently declining male fertility by environmental and reproductive epidemiologists have been worrisome for scientists as well as the men’s health community. Some even claim that such decline may jeopardize the future of the human race and warrant urgent action. June is men’s health awareness month, and we are talking to the President of the Florida Urological Society, Dr Jamin Brahmbhatt – a board certified urologic surgeon specializing in chronic testicular pain and infertility – to understand the real picture behind declining sperm counts, the effect of COVID19, obesity and various kinds of stress on sperms, its implications on care for men and the proposed solutions, if any. On the patient panel are men’s health advocate David Stanley and fertility coach Kristen Darcy.

Dr. Jamn Brahmbhatt
David Stanley
Kristen Darcy
Shweta Mishra
May 17, 2021, 10 AM EST
Ongoing clinical trials are investigating the safety and efficacy of a new type of CAR T (Chimeric antigen receptor T-cells) therapy called UltraCAR-T therapy for myeloid malignancies. Unlike current CAR T cells, which utilize viruses to attach the CAR to the T cells, UltraCAR-T uses a non-viral gene delivery system and has a rapid turnaround compared to traditional CAR-T cells manufacturing process. We are talking to Dr. David Sallman, a hematologist in the Malignant Hematology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center to learn more about the new type of CAR-T cells, their action, side effects and scope of their use in treating multiple myeloma.

Dr. David Sallman
Gary Petersen
Jack Aiello
Yelak Biru
Priya Menon
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