September 27, 2018
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Good Calories, Bad Calories, and the Obesity Epidemic: What's the Connection?

with Mr. Gary Taubes
November 15th, 2018. 5 PM EST RSVP
Eat more and pile on weight. Eat less and loose weight. Or is it that simple? HOW should we eat to stay fit and away from obesity? A talk with investigative science & health journalist and co-founder of the non-profit Nutrition Science Initiative ( Gary Taubes, to discuss the relationship of obesity & calories, the current state of nutrition research, and mull over some controversial concepts in nutrition science. Mr. Gary Taubes is a recipient of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research.
Mr. Gary Taubes 
Shweta Mishra

September 5th, 2018. 3 PM EST
A mothers immune system is altered during pregnancy so that the fetus is not rejected by her body and is allowed to grow. When this balance goes awry, the immune system may become the cause of a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages. We talked to Dr. Jeffrey Braverman, a world leader in reproductive immunology, about the role of immune system in recurrent miscarriages. Dr. Braverman discussed about various immunity related conditions or issues that may be the cause of recurrent miscarriages, and also highlighted the advances in the diagnosis and management of immune related pregnancy complications.

Dr. Jeffrey Braverman 
Annie Kuo
Danae Ashley
Davina Fankhauser
Shweta Mishra
August 30th, 2018. 10 AM EST LISTEN
Multiple Myeloma is the second most common cancer of the blood and is largely incurable. A recent study has found that a specific gene mutation can increase the risk of developing myeloma six to nine fold. The lead author of the study and Professor of Medicine and Genetic Medicine at Weill Cornell, Dr. Steven M. Lipkin talked to the panel on predisposition to multiple myeloma and role of precision medicine.

Dr. Steven Lipkin
Gary Petersen
Yelak Biru 
Cynthia Chmielewski
Priya Menon
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