Doctor Couple Dr Jean Bennett of UPenn & Dr Albert M Maguire of CHOP Discuss Luxturna, FDA Approved Gene Therapy to Treat Blindness

The 25 year long research work by the doctor couple Dr. Jean Bennett of University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Albert M. Maguire of Childrens’ Hospital of Philadelhpia (CHOP) paid off when FDA granted approval to Luxturna to be marketed by Spark Therapeutics, in December 2017. FDA approved Luxturna for treatment of blindness due to retinal degeneration caused by LCA-RPE65 mutation in patients 12 months and older.

RSVP to listen to this talk on 12th June, 2018 at 1 PM EST, where Dr. Maguire and Dr. Bennett will share all about their work of decades that is helping kids like Creed reverse blindness today. They will also talk about the ideal candidates for this therapy, it’s cost, and other details of treatment procedure and recovery.

You can post your questions for the doctors HERE, that may be answered during the discussion.

Reversing Blindness with Luxturna

Luxturna reverses blindness in patients with retinal degeneration caused by LCA-RPE65 mutation

A life changing therapy for many like 9 year old Creed Pettit, 11 year old Cole Carper, and 24 year old Katelyn Corey, Luxturna is the first-ever FDA approved gene therapy in the United States for an inherited disease.

Creed Pettit, the youngest boy in US to receive this therapy, was slowly going blind after his birth. When diagnosed in 2011, his doctor did not have treatment for him, but told Creed’s parents about the Clinical Trial for this gene therapy. Creed’s mom Sarah Pettit says his recovery after surgery was “miraculous” and “mindblowing”. After billions of modified viruses were injected into his eyes, in just couple of days, Creed noticed his vision was improving. 

Emerie was diagnosed with Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) at 3 years of age, until when her parent’s thought she just had poor vision. She along with her mom Tabatha tirelessly advocate for rare disease research & blind kids. They have inspired millions through their #blindkidsCAN outreach efforts with @EmesArmy, LCA Hope Alliance, WePerceive, Global Genes and the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children.

Sarah Pettit will be on the panel to share her experiences before and after Creed’s life altering eye surgery. Tabatha Tabby Mitchell will share her advocacy efforts towards the blind community.


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