Drs Camran Nezhat & Azadeh Nezhat – The Founders of Worldwide Endometriosis March Talk All About New Advances in Endometriosis Treatment on CureTalks. Stay Tuned!

Do you experience daily life disrupting pelvic cramps, difficult bowels, and painful sex, every month and someone told you its normal to have those around your monthly cycles? Think again and meet an Endometriosis specialist.

Endometriosis is a condition where the tissue that make up the internal lining of uterus starts to grow outside it, in and around other organs such as ovaries, fallopian tubes and pelvic floor. This abnormal growth of tissues leads to a maze of symptoms such as painful periods (dysmenorrhea), GI abnormalities like bloating and cramps that is enhanced around the time of menstruation, painful intercourse, painful bowel movements, infertility and neuropathy.

Endometriosis pain affects daily lives of an estimated 176 million women in the world. Too often, women have to suffer in pain silently. Unfortunately, many women remain undiagnosed, or, are diagnosed late due to lack of understanding of the symptoms of the disease. Despite this, there is lack of research funding into the diagnosis, the cause, and effective treatments of Endometriosis, making women’s options limited.

March is #Endometriosis #Awareness Month and the 5th Worldwide Endometriosis March will take place on 24th March 2018, in 60+ countries this year, to gain attention of health policy makers and congressional representatives. In honor, we are talking to eminent endometriosis specialists, and the founders of Worldwide Endometriosis March and Endometriosis Day, Dr. Camran Nezhat and Dr. Azadeh Nezhat, all about Endometriosis and the latest advances in its diagnosis, treatment and management on 27th March, 2018 at 6 PM EST.

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Doctors are not sure why the endometrial tissue starts to grow in places it is not supposed to grow, but there are several theories explaining the cause of endometriosis. It still takes 6-10 years for endometriosis to be diagnosed as the root cause of common painful problems women go through every month.

For one of our patient advocates on the panel, Claire Watson, it took 16 years of misdiagnosis, only to undergo full hysterectomy at age of 33. She feels her endometriosis is still uncured.

Patient advocate Joanie Cox-Henry, who will cohost the talk has been an endowarrior battling endometriosis for more than a decade and had to lose an ovary to the disease in 2013.

So far, careful recording of symptoms and use of over the counter painkillers are usually the first steps in endometriosis management. However, surgical removal of endometriosis is considered the “gold” standard for treatment.

We look forward to learn about the recent advances in diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis and ongoing clinical trials in the field that patients can participate in from Dr. Camran Nezhat and Dr. Azadeh Nezhat on 27th March, 2018 at 6 PM EST. 

If you are confused about your symptoms and think you might have Endometriosis join us on the talk, or post your questions for the doctors on the page here, which may be considered for being answered on the talk.

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