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AmericaWalks Study

Love walking and want to make it a habit or a regular exercise option, but can’t push yourself enough to get going everyday? Participating in the #AmericaWalksStudy might give you that push and make it easier for you.

What is this study? America Walks study is a mobile app based research study which aims to explore your walking behavior compared to others in your state or area.

How can you participate? Its easy! All you have to do is DOWNLOAD the new #AmericaWalksApp on your mobile phones from HERE!

This simple and free to use App, can be downloaded on your Apple iphone version 5 and above as well as on your android phones. America Walks App is the first #Researchkit App, which is compatible with Android phones too.

Now when you go out for walking with your phone in your pocket, this app will passively track your physical activity data for 30 days or until you withdraw from the study. It will actually count the number of steps you walked and give you a comparison chart of where you stand amongst your co-walkers who are using the app. So hey! Now you got a competitor to drive you to walk more!

Are you eligible to join in? Yes you are, if you are 18 year of age or older.

This study is sponsored by TrialX Research and is led by Dr. Chintan Patel, PhD in Biomedical Informatics from Columbia University.

The study will require you to complete a short questionnaire before enrolling you. The data collected will be kept strictly confidential and any personally identifiable information will not be revealed.

So gear up, for now, you are in the game! Better yet, get a few walking buddies on board to make it yet more fun.

For more information on this study go to:

Email /

Phone: 212- 537-6944



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