Looks like Finnegan is out of the woods

While I’m impatiently waiting to learn what’s causing my fever–and if Levaquin is the right antibiotic to take care of it–I thought I’d update everyone about how Finnegan is doing.  Based on emails and comments I got after reporting he was sick, more of you are interested in his prognosis than mine!

0430151710aOur Island Dog (his nickname after we moved to Florida) is doing a lot better.  His liver isn’t back to normal, but at least the machine that analyses blood work at our vet’s office can read the numbers.  If you recall, normal liver function numbers for a dog top-out around 120.  Finnegan’s were close to 6000 at the time we brought him in, listless and barely able to stand:

Our dog hospitalized. Am I next?


Our Vet, Dr. MacKenzie Easom, did a wonderful job, coming in late to check on him and probably saving Finnegan’s life.

Finnegan remains on a modified diet.  He’s taking meds to help cleanse his liver and help his spleen function more efficiently.  Toss in three different antibiotics and the poor guy is taking more pills than I do.   He’s lost a lot of weight, but considering Island Dog is almost 12, we think he’s doing great!

Finnegan is the last of a dozen or more rescued dogs Pattie and I have embraced over the years.  At one point we had 8 adopted sled dogs.  We would each harness up four dogs and hit the trails.  At the time we lived an hour or so south of Lake Superior in what they call the snow belt.  It seemed like winter never ended.  I remember one year it snowed November 3rd (we were ecstatic) and there was still ice on our lake and snow on the ground until the end of April.

During our compressed spring, summer and fall (leaves often had fallen off trees by the first or second week in October) we would use three wheeled carts to take the dogs.  They were all between three and five years old when we rescued them.  Never thought about them all getting old at the same time.

All but one lived at least 12 years, pretty good for large dogs.  Finnegan was our only “not husky or husky mix.”  We took him in as a favor to a friend.  What a great decision!

I’d post some family pictures, but they were all taken using old fashioned film and aren’t digital.  We had a lot of fun back then; living in a cedar sided dome home on 30 acres out in the middle of the woods.  Pattie was battling cancer part of the time–and we never had enough money–but it didn’t seem to matter.  Seems like a lifetime ago.

How am I doing?  I think the antibiotics are starting to help; my temp has dropped to near normal.  I’m still dragging a bit, but–sticking with the “up north” theme–I think both Finnegan and I are out of the woods.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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